Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I get an award!!!

For being the most forgetful, unreliable, horrible preschool mommy out there. I bought the goodies for Carter's class, bought each child a little gift, bought the teachers a gift, but low and behold... I forgot the party! How exactly does one do such a thing? I mean, my child is only in preschool for one year and I MISSED THE PARTY! I was so upset when I pulled in the pick up line to get him and he came walking out with this big brown bag full of Christmas stuff. His mouth covered in green icing, and his teacher saying, "do not let him go to his room with this bag, it's full of candy!" I looked at her a little strangely and she reminded me that today was the day of their party.

My heart sunk to my toes. As I pulled off, I apologized to him and he said, "Momma, you weren't there to hold my hand!" UGH! Kick me while I'm down kid!! I really did feel horrible. I still feel horrible. I called my good friend Traci who tried her best to make me feel better. She said there's always next year, it's not like he's starting kindergarten. Umm, hello... Traci... news flash, he WILL be in kindergarten next year. Then she proceeded to remind me how ashamed I should be of myself. Good friends are hard to come by these days! :) (((Just kidding Traci, I LOVE YOU!)))

I know it's nothing huge, but it still makes me sad. I missed it, something I can't go back and relive. Carter doesn't seem to mind too much, although he does keep asking me, "where were you that day momma?" Lovely, just lovely.


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Sonja said...

aww it's ok! you're busy! Don't be so hard on yourself! I know it upsets you but at least he still had a great time!? :)

Cheerup Buttercup!! XO