Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brothers, best pals forever

The boys are getting to the stage where they actually enjoy playing together. Tucker is still more hot headed then Carter. Carter tries to be as patient as he can with Tucker. They're mischievous together. Carter usually eggs Tucker on, but then again Tucker doesn't need much egging.
From playing in the pasture, to water troughs, to the bathtub they're loads of fun!  Without a shadow of a doubt, they are all b.o.y! They'll find the freshest pile of cow poo to step in, they love to play in the water troughs or throw the dog in, and bath time is just a big party for these two! Bath toys are useless. It's no fun unless you have fifteen or twenty matchbox cars in the tub, along with tractors, cows, trains... you name it. Whatever happened to rubber ducky?! He's a thing of the past here. Bath time usually entails me cleaning mopping the floors. How can two little people manage to get so much water on the floor?  Hmm...
They're plotting against me in this picture, I promise! 

As I've said a thousand times, it's their giggles that make me enjoy the moment. Those giggles that come from way down, deep inside. The ones that take Tucker's breath, the one that makes Carter cackle at the top of his lungs. I can't get enough of them. If I could etch that sound into my memory and play it over and over again as life progresses, I would. The boys remind me that it's the little things in life. It's water dripping down the wall, bubbles on their heads, toys all over the floor, and the normal chaos of our typical days.
A couple months back, you know when the black dirt was a daily happening, I finally got some fun bath pictures of these critters. Bath time is almost the most chaotic part of our day.  You put any two kids in the bathtub fill it with toys and see what happens. I guarantee you there will be water everywhere with those giggles from deep down inside that I was talking about.


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