Thursday, February 16, 2012

Summer Waves, Jekyll Island, Georiga

We took a little vacation to Jekyll Island, Georgia this past summer. The boys had a blast. The water park, Summer Waves was a huge hit. Catching little crabs was also a big highlight. Having a few days of down time to just enjoy each others company and make memories with the boys was totally worth it. When you get away from home, even for three days, you realize how busy your life really is.
We enjoyed time in the pool, walking on the beach, but the water park was probably everyones favorite. I was sure Tucker would be a bit hesitant at first. Wrong!  He was all about the water slide. Loved it, believe it or not! Again, and again, and again. It's all he wanted to do!


The big slides were Carter's favorite. Oh, and how could I forget the big splash bucket?! I think they would have stayed there all day under that thing.
Luckily, Granny Pullet helped keep Tucker on his feet. There was so much force behind that thing it would have knocked the poor guy out! All the adults took their turn down the twisty, turny, slide.





We made a late night trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream. I think everyone else that was on vacation had the exact same idea. Sugar high is what we left with. A truck load of little children hyped up like you wouldn't believe.


All in all, we had a great time. Looking forward to sunny, warm weather so we can do it all again!!!


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