Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea time for Tucker

What kid doesn't get special treatment when they go to Nana's? My boys are no exception to that rule. My mom, Nana, and Travis' mom, Granny, always make the boys feel super extra special. One weekend they stayed with Nana and when I came to pick them up they were having "tea time". Their tea was white, better known as milk but they were having a blast. Watching Tucker dip his tiny little hand into that little white cup was the cutest thing. Carter's hand was borderline too big.



This little kiddo is always doing things that are so darn cute. He is the sneakiest of sneaky snakes though! He's like the saying, "here one minute, gone the next!" All kids move at lightning speed but Tucker could have them all beat. Once again, I found him on the front porch playing guitar for the cows. Precious, just absolutely precious.



God love him!

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Renee Living Laughing Loving said...

So cute! They really do grow up so fast!