Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mud boggin' & "MonKer trucks!"

Mud, big trucks, loud engines, and boys go hand in hand. One weekend we decided to ride to one of the local mud bogs, Soggy Bottoms. The boys were both super excited. They could not wait for us to park so they could unbuckle and start watching. Tucker was in sheer amazement. He loves him a good 'ole "monker" truck. Anything with the slightest bit of a lift on it, is a monker truck.
Watching the two of them hoot and holler reminds me that they will one day be teenagers... heaven help me. I have a feeling they'll find their way to the big mud holes. If they hoot and holler the way they do now at six and two, how on earth will they act when they are sixteen and nineteen?! Oh boy.
They weren't very happy when we started to leave and are still asking to go back from time to time. We're taking them to the Monster Truck Jam in a few weeks to celebrate Tucker's birthday. He can not wait!!!

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