Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to First Grade

Exactly how did I go and get myself a first grader? Seriously, is he really old enough to be in first grade? It's true, it's very, very true. As the day drew closer for school to start, Carter begged to ride the bus to school. I couldn't bare the thought so he still rides with me. However, I do let him ride in the afternoons. Baby steps, right?
Day one of this new adventure started with smiles and his favorite, Lucky Charms. Not necessarily the best breakfast in the world but it's what he wanted. Is it normal for momma's to get a little choked up as these milestones pass? Life as a mother is so bittersweet. I love seeing him learn new things and growing but I really do wish there was some way I could bottle up the littleness of him.
After the routine first day of school pictures, we were off to school. He was grinning from ear to ear. He definitely is not shy. He was roaring to go!  School started back a few days before his birthday. Typically it starts right after his birthday. He was super excited that for once he'd get to be the kid in class celebrating his birthday. That Friday he proudly wore his birthday boy shirt and we celebrated with cupcakes.
The school year is well underway now (I'm blogging in February 2012... so far behind). Carter is doing great and loving every minute. He reads like a champ!! They have an Accelerated Reading (A.R.) program at his school and I'm proud to say he's in the top five for his class!!  Way to go, Carter-bug!! He's in the walk-run club and will be running in the Gate River Run this Spring. Super exciting.
He also ran his first race back in the winter. It was just over a mile and he finished strong with Travis at his side.

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