Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea time for Tucker

What kid doesn't get special treatment when they go to Nana's? My boys are no exception to that rule. My mom, Nana, and Travis' mom, Granny, always make the boys feel super extra special. One weekend they stayed with Nana and when I came to pick them up they were having "tea time". Their tea was white, better known as milk but they were having a blast. Watching Tucker dip his tiny little hand into that little white cup was the cutest thing. Carter's hand was borderline too big.



This little kiddo is always doing things that are so darn cute. He is the sneakiest of sneaky snakes though! He's like the saying, "here one minute, gone the next!" All kids move at lightning speed but Tucker could have them all beat. Once again, I found him on the front porch playing guitar for the cows. Precious, just absolutely precious.



God love him!

Livestock Auction

Every Monday and Wednesday, Travis loads up and heads out to the livestock auctions nearby. Carter was off from school so we decided we'd go along for the trip. If you've never been to a livestock auction, let me explain it to you. Our auction consists of lunch, a front row seat, and an aroma that you will never forget.
Travis has fond memories of these auctions from when he was Carter's age. Carter is making those same memories. Like his Daddy, he thoroughly enjoys the fried chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and biscuits they serve each week for lunch.
Yep, I did it. I caught him... then he caught me catching him!
After lunch, they walk the "board walk" as I call it, to view the livestock that will be auctioned off that day. There's a lot going on behind the scenes of an auction that I had never taken into account before. Each cow/bull/yearling is placed in the appropriate area and they have quite the system when it comes to sending these cows through the arena.
After they looked things over it was off to our front row seats. Then, the buying begins. I'd be lying if I said I didn't contemplate scratching my nose or stretching my arms. Granted I didn't have a white card in my hand, I still fear they'll think I'm wanting to buy and let's just be honest.... I have no clue!
Carter sits anxiously on his seat waiting for Travis to nod his head, or lift his buyers card. Nothing. No lift of the card, no nod of the head. Poor kid is completely disappointed. He can't seem to understand that you don't have to buy each time you go to the sale. He thinks, like his momma does when she shops, you HAVE to come home with something, right?!  Good thing he's a cow shopper and not mall shopper!!!
The day winds down and we head home. It's back to the farm with the cows and donkeys we go. There's no place like home, that's for sure!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed my day with two of my fellas. Can't wait until little T is old enough to sit through it.

Summer Waves, Jekyll Island, Georiga

We took a little vacation to Jekyll Island, Georgia this past summer. The boys had a blast. The water park, Summer Waves was a huge hit. Catching little crabs was also a big highlight. Having a few days of down time to just enjoy each others company and make memories with the boys was totally worth it. When you get away from home, even for three days, you realize how busy your life really is.
We enjoyed time in the pool, walking on the beach, but the water park was probably everyones favorite. I was sure Tucker would be a bit hesitant at first. Wrong!  He was all about the water slide. Loved it, believe it or not! Again, and again, and again. It's all he wanted to do!


The big slides were Carter's favorite. Oh, and how could I forget the big splash bucket?! I think they would have stayed there all day under that thing.
Luckily, Granny Pullet helped keep Tucker on his feet. There was so much force behind that thing it would have knocked the poor guy out! All the adults took their turn down the twisty, turny, slide.





We made a late night trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream. I think everyone else that was on vacation had the exact same idea. Sugar high is what we left with. A truck load of little children hyped up like you wouldn't believe.


All in all, we had a great time. Looking forward to sunny, warm weather so we can do it all again!!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

He's a character

These pictures say it all. He's a bit theatrical.  I promise, all the drama comes from T-rav's genes, not mine. It's all from their Pappy!  Ha!








As for Tucker, he's a bit more serious. Not quite as dramatic as his momma brother tends to be on occasion! I promise when I say the dramatic stuff comes straight from their Daddy!


Brothers, best pals forever

The boys are getting to the stage where they actually enjoy playing together. Tucker is still more hot headed then Carter. Carter tries to be as patient as he can with Tucker. They're mischievous together. Carter usually eggs Tucker on, but then again Tucker doesn't need much egging.
From playing in the pasture, to water troughs, to the bathtub they're loads of fun!  Without a shadow of a doubt, they are all b.o.y! They'll find the freshest pile of cow poo to step in, they love to play in the water troughs or throw the dog in, and bath time is just a big party for these two! Bath toys are useless. It's no fun unless you have fifteen or twenty matchbox cars in the tub, along with tractors, cows, trains... you name it. Whatever happened to rubber ducky?! He's a thing of the past here. Bath time usually entails me cleaning mopping the floors. How can two little people manage to get so much water on the floor?  Hmm...
They're plotting against me in this picture, I promise! 

As I've said a thousand times, it's their giggles that make me enjoy the moment. Those giggles that come from way down, deep inside. The ones that take Tucker's breath, the one that makes Carter cackle at the top of his lungs. I can't get enough of them. If I could etch that sound into my memory and play it over and over again as life progresses, I would. The boys remind me that it's the little things in life. It's water dripping down the wall, bubbles on their heads, toys all over the floor, and the normal chaos of our typical days.
A couple months back, you know when the black dirt was a daily happening, I finally got some fun bath pictures of these critters. Bath time is almost the most chaotic part of our day.  You put any two kids in the bathtub fill it with toys and see what happens. I guarantee you there will be water everywhere with those giggles from deep down inside that I was talking about.


Hot Summer Days

The dreadfully hot days of Summer almost seem unbearable at times. When your kids sweat after being outside for just a matter of minutes, you know it's hot!  However, my two could care less about the heat they just want to be outside playing in the dirt and the water hose.
There's a favorite summer snack around these parts, the watermelon. My boys eat their weight in watermelon. I've learned that this sweet little snack is much better prepared outside. They make the messiest of messes. There is juice everywhere, seeds flying by your head as they have seed spitting contests, and their clothes well... if the juice gets on 'em, you can just about throw them in the play clothes stack. They're usually done for.
Then there's the "black dirt". Oh, the dreaded black dirt. If there is black dirt, my children are just drawn to it. I've come accustomed to it now. It's a part of who we are. White socks=dingy grey socks. I vividly remember as a little girl, my momma saying, "Jennifer! put your shoes on or take your socks off!" I am being paid back ten fold for ignoring this request as a child. I buy new, pearly white socks only for them to turn dingy within a week. I give up. Grey it is for the Higg boys.
It's not about the socks. It's not about keeping the boys clean, it's about them enjoying their time as kids. The day that I sat on the porch and shot the pictures of them playing in the "black dirt" is one I'll never forget. For the longest time they had no clue that I was taking pictures of them. That's usually the pictures I end up liking the most. Dirt covered faces, clothes, and skin. They play so hard they even get dirt in places we won't discuss.
Just look at their faces and smiles, you can't tell me they weren't having a great time. I think the best part was when Carter walked away for a minute and Tucker spotted his McDonald's cup. He took off and drank as if he were a camel in the desert. Poor Carter came back to an empty cup. This night I had to beg and plea with them to wrap it up and come inside for their baths. Boys will be boys, I suppose.
These days are quick. When they grow up and have kids of their own, I hope they remember days like this. Dirt, giggles, tractors, and each other.

Carter turns SIX!

Six. Six fun, exciting, heart warming, blessed years. A giggle that is unmistakable, eyes that still sparkle as bright as they did when he was a baby. He has such a sweet spirit and always wants to please us. He loves playing in the dirt, singing at the top of his lungs, watching livestock auctions and Call of the Wild man-"WOO HOO, Live action!"
I sound like my mom when I say, it seems like just yesterday that we were watching him learn to walk. I look at pictures over the past few months and all the baby-ness of his little face is disappearing. The chubby cheeks, the tiny hands and feet, all but a sweet memory in my mind now.
Your first born always holds a sweet spot in your heart. They're the one that teaches you that you can love something on this earth more than life itself. If your not a mother yet, or a dad, you really don't understand what true love is about. He's made us proud from day one and continues to do so with each day that passes.
I love his sweet hugs that come out of the middle of nowhere. I truly believe that his giggle will be what always makes me smile. He has such an amazing outlook on each day. As most kids do, he sees it as fun. Find the adventure, make the moment, enjoy. Again, I learn from him.
For his birthday, we celebrated with family at the bowling alley. To say that he had fun is a complete and utter understatement. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. Of course, there was that giggle. He's a tad bit competitive but that's okay. He had a transformer birthday cake and ribs from Cross Creek. I do believe he received every transformer on the market.
When I tuck my babies in bed on the night of their birthday, I can't help but be extra grateful for the sweet year the Lord has given us with this child. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless Carter's life. I pray that in all ways He will seek God first. May his life be filled with the joy, happiness, contentment and love that it is right now. I pray that he grows up to love God with all of him. It is my duty as a momma to teach him the love of Christ. Although I may fail from day to day, I pray that he will one day look back and remember that I taught him to love Jesus and honor Him.
Carter-bug, I love you more than you will ever understand. I love your eagerness to learn. Your forgiving heart is so tender and sweet. You bring sunshine to our cloudy days and excitement to the boring ones. Your giggle is music to my ears. May your life be all you ever dream of. Make your dreams come true and don't settle for less than you deserve. If you dream it, chase it. Remember, always, that your momma is on your side and cheering you on each step of the way. Love Jesus, love others, and share your joy with everyone. Sweet blessings and all my love to you!  xoxo-Momma.