Thursday, December 11, 2008

And then there were three...

I'm not sure how many of you are, but I usually wake up with a plan to my day. I like to know what is going to go on in my life, I'm not good with curve balls or surprises most of the time. My friend Jill is much the same way and today would prove to be one of those 'surprise' days! As many of you read last week, my friend Jill & her husband Clayton were expecting their little boy Madox Daniel. He was due to arrive on December 21, but had other plans! :)

I sent Jill a text message this morning to see how she was feeling, and received a rather quick response back that she was feeling a few little pains but nothing bad. I told her to not ignore them, for they could be the real thing. She began to time them, and sure enough, they were consistent and coming every ten minutes. She never expected this morning when she left for work that today would be "the day!" She stayed at work, still counting contractions. I later received a phone call from her saying that she had just went for her 1:30 doctors appointment and they were admitting her!!! How exciting! As I listened to her phone call, it was very apparent that she was calm, some what, but you could hear the nerves in her voice. She told me I needed to head to the hospital, the doctor said the baby would be here by six p.m.

Of course the one day I don't have my camera in my car, ready for this event.... it happens! I was in Orange Park, my camera back in good 'ole Callahan. I rushed home to get it and then straight back to Jacksonville. I arrived at the hospital at 3:30 p.m. and found Jill very much so in labor! The contractions were fast and furious and she was patiently awaiting her epidural. From that point on it was a blink of an eye it seemed and the entire process flew by!

I must admit, as I stood there watching this family wait with excitement pouring out of each one, I thought back to the day of little Carter's arrival. As many mothers will tell you, your own emotions come back very vividly! I remember the anticipation, the fear, the joy, the "what if's", the I can't do this, and the uncontrollable amount of emotions that you experience during this special time. The time had come, it was time for Jill to bring Madox into the world. As I watched her look into her husbands eyes, not sure, hesitant, scared, but happy all at the same time I felt myself begin to cry. Knowing that she would soon know more about love then she did just hours ago, and that her heart would be flooding with joy & happiness. She did awesome, and at 6:32 we welcomed Madox Daniel Burnsed into the world! What a blessing this was to watch and be a part of. I watched a husband and wife weep with joy, I watched love immediately bond the three of them together....and then there were three!

The room was full of tears, smiles, and uncontrollable excitement. The grandmothers were in awe, and how sweet that is to watch. As I watched Clayton's mom just stand back and watch as her son welcomed his first born, her first grandchild, I thought to myself, "how good is our God?!" At that moment, without a shadow of a doubt, God was in that room filling each and every heart with a peace, and love.
I can't believe that once again I was a part of such a miraculous day. It makes me even more excited for these last weeks of my pregnancy to pass. I can't wait to welcome my own little miracle! I can't say thank you to the family enough for allowing me to be a part and asking me to capture the memories that were shared in that room today. I pray that the pictures I took will bring smiles to their faces each time they look at them.

Congratulations & God Bless,
Clayton & Jill,
God is good! The gift you received tonight is the best God could ever give us. Cherish this child, and enjoy each and every moment that God gives you with him. You are both wonderful people, and therefore I know you will be amazing parents to little Madox. May your hearts & lives be full of peace & love this holiday season as you welcome him. I love you all and wish you the very best!

Baby Madox,
Welcome! You are a handsome little man and you have many, many people that already love you more then you know! I pray that God will watch over you as you grow and keep you safe. May you always seek His will for your life!
Many blessings to you!


Kari said...

Breathtaking. What a precious little miracle. I know their road has been a long one and their prayers have been answered. God is so good.

Mrs. Bell said...

What a sweet baby boy.. What a awesome CHRISTmas present for them.. oxoxo...

The Libby's said...

He is beautiful!