Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not much longer....

Not much longer, and Christmas day will be here!! I was one of the ones (better known as crazy) that opted to venture out into the world today to shop for food for our Christmas dinner. Of all places, I chose Wal-Mart. Quite honestly, it really wasn't that bad. It was busy, but not really any busier then a normal Saturday if you ask me. There were a few things I forgot to pick up, so luckily my sweet husband picked them up for me at our local Winn Dixie. He said it was a MAD HOUSE!!! Honestly, Wal-Mart was not that bad.

Carter is getting more and more excited as the hours pass about getting his presents from Santa. We started Christmas this past Saturday with Travis' Dad & Mimi Shari. We usually have brunch with them, then open our gifts. Carter & Gaige, our nephew, gleamed with joy as they opened their presents. Carter opened a Leapster, and a tool box full of tools that has yet to leave his sight. Gaige opened a fire mans helmet that talks, and a read along Leapster (not sure of the exact name for it). Watching the boys open their presents just warms my soul. I think back to past Christmas' when it was just me & Trav and they were special, but watching our son and other children just reminds me of what one of the joys of Christmas is all about. After opening gifts, we went outside to enjoy this lovely Florida Christmas weather we've been having. We were out there for about 45 minutes when we heard sirens. It sounded like they were moving closer and closer. My sister in law, Amanda, finally walked to the fence to find that they were closer. Close enough to be walking up the driveway!! We were shocked, and then all of a sudden we hear, "Ho! Ho! Ho!!!" The boys jumped to their feet, ran through the gate and welcomed Santa with big hugs!! Santa gave both of the boys some candy & then motioned for his elves (other volunteer fire fighters) to come over. They came carrying two wrapped gifts. When Santa handed Carter his gift, Carter immediately tore the paper off to see what was inside. When he finally got all the paper off, he turned and with the most heart felt voice I heard him say (without being told), "THANK YOU SANTA, THANK YOU!" At that moment, I lost it. I got choked up and started to cry. The innocence, the purity, and the truthfulness that came from his mouth left me in awe.

Carter brings me more joy then I could ever explain to you. I'm sure all mothers feel the same way, but God uses my child all the time to show me how grateful I should be. Something as small as a gift from Santa, but he was so truly thankful. His eyes sparkled, and then he turned to me and said, "look momma, from Santa!" I was trying to hide my tears from the others standing around me and especially Santa. I mean, come on lady, it's just a gift from Santa. I can't pin point exactly why it made me cry to see my child light up that way. It's not that he wants for anything, or is in need there was just something about that moment. I must admit, I do that quite often actually. Little things he does, just melt my heart and the emotions start to flood. The Christmas parade a few weeks back, it got me. When I heard him say grace for the first time, it got me. When he watches something new with sheer amazement, it gets me. Bitter sweet those emotions I tell ya, bitter sweet. My little boy, growing so fast. I'm trying to remember every little detail, each little moment, but I'm afraid that one day I won't remember them all. For now, I just thank God for giving me such a precious, precious child and I pray that each day, each year, will bring more joy into our lives & memories to hold on to.

Gaige & Carter with Santa

Santa on his way to visit the next little one!

May we all remember to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. The gift that we were given so many years ago, in a stable in Bethlehem. As I came through Callahan today, I looked up to read the sign at Burger King and it said something along the lines of, Christmas is not about the gifts under the tree, but about the gift we were given on Christmas that hung on a tree! That is so true. The presents, the money, and all this hustle and bustle don't matter. It's the joy of knowing Christ and living our lives to glorify Him!

Wishing each and everyone of you a very special Christmas. May it be filled with love, peace, joy, and most of all the love of Christ, and may you know what it is to have a true relationship with Him!

Merry Christmas!


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