Friday, December 19, 2008

"Want to see my pickle?!"

This morning I am sitting at the kitchen table, drinking my coffee and going through the million and one things I have to do today, tomorrow, and next week. Just doesn't seem to be enough hours to get it all done. Carter was in the living room playing with his trucks and I hear him talking to himself but I'm not really paying close attention to what he is saying. Then all of a sudden I hear, "MOM!" I responded with the usual, what Carter and he says "Want to see my pickle?!"

I sat there for a moment and thought, what on earth could this child be talking about? I just gave him toast for breakfast but he wants to know if I want to see his pickle? I thought, does he have his grocery cart with food in the living room? No, that stuff was still in the pantry where I just saw it. Then again, I hear, "Mom! want to see my pickle?" At this point I'm thinking, oh lord what on earth is this child fixing to show me? Please don't let him come running in here buck naked, he's been known to strip down here lately and thinks it's absolutely hilarious.

I hear his little feet come running through the kitchen and I glance over as he flops his foot on my lap and says, "Look, see my pickle!" I looked down and he is pointing to his second toe on his left foot! Bless his little heart, his pickle was actually a freckle!!!! I laughed so hard I thought I would spit coffee clear across the room. I hugged him and asked him if he could get any cuter? Then I said, Carter, that is a freckle. He says, "oh yeah! a freckle." In his little mind it was what he had said all along. I had to call Travis right away and tell him what his little son had said. He laughed probably as hard as I did!

We discovered this little freckle on his toe probably a month or so ago. Every since then it has just fascinated him! Each day with Carter amazes me more and more. Some days I just have to sit back and just stare at him and smile, he's just awesome!



Mrs. Bell said...

thats soo funny and cute.. I was thinking like you, oh lord hes naked.. haha.. But just goes to show the innocence of a childs mind... too cute..



In His Image Photos said...

Too cute! Thanks for the photo compliments also, by the way.

I thought of you the other day while we were shooting Chris's headshots. There were cows watching us. They wouldn't let me take a picture, though. :)