Thursday, December 4, 2008

The anticipation....

This evening, I had the privilege of taking maternity photos of my very good friend Jill. She is 37.5 weeks pregnant, and doesn't look a day over six months. I am six months and I am sure I'll be double her belly in just a few more weeks. :)

I have known Jill, for many years. I'm actually the one that introduced her to her husband, Clayton. The two of them are an amazing couple. Their son, Madox, is such a lucky little boy to have such sweet, caring, compassionate, and loving parents. You can definitely say that these two waited their turn to become parents. They are a true vision of hope for anyone waiting and wanting a child. They are proof that if you seek God's will, and cast all your cares upon Him, He will see you through.

I can not wait for Madox's arrival. He is due on December 21, and he has many family and friends waiting to greet him already. I look forward to watching this sweet couple welcome their little one and watch their family begin to grow.

Clayton & Jill,
Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of this very special time in your lives. I pray that this child brings more love and joy into your lives then you ever dreamed possible. I pray that God will give you both the wisdom, strength, courage, and patience it takes to be a parent. I am proud of both of you, and I wish you all the best for many, many years to come. Enjoy your last few days as "Clayton & Jill", you'll soon be three and you'll soon wonder what in life was so important before having your child! :) I love you all very much. Take care & God bless!
Many blessings...

Here are just a FEW of the photos from tonight. Enjoy!!!

PS. Jill's favorite craving... brownies, hence the picture :)


Kari said...

Jen-- you did awesome! i can't wait to see more!

The Clark Family said...

Great job! They are very pretty!

Mrs. Bell said...


great job!! i love the one of ther on the fence in the white shirt,, shes looks beautiful there!