Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back....

So, I started this blog not really sure if I'd keep up with it. I wasn't sure if it would become just something I did for a few weeks and then got bored with or what. I'm really glad that I've stuck with it thus far. I, myself, enjoy looking back at past posts and smiling at the memories my family has made over the months. When I was thinking of a name to call my blog, I wasn't really sure what to use. I knew that my pictures and my memories mean the world to me. I knew that I wanted to remember my children being small, and the little things they say and do. That's where I came up with "The Days I'll Remember".

After much thought of what I should close this years blog out with I got to thinking since my son, my family and pictures pretty much consume my life, why not let it be just about that. I've taken the past hour to look through each and every picture I've snapped in the past year. I've fought back tears at some points, laughed at others, and just thought about how truly blessed I am. The past year has had a few trials, a few tears, lots of laughter, new beginnings, and the biggest thing is our new home. 2008 has been a year that will forever stick out in my mind.

In January, we went to Alabama for a family oriented hunting trip. The kids had a blast, and of course the guys did too in hopes of the "big one!" January also brought a new chapter for little Carter.... potty training. He took right to it and within no time we had kicked the diapers to the curb! Way to go little man!!!

March brought a few firsts to our family. We took Carter to the PBR to watch some professional bull riders and to say he was hooked after that, is a complete understatement!!!! After watching those bull riders, this kiddo wanted to ride anything he could straddle. From the recliner, to the little stopper thingies in the parking lot! All this bull bucking led to our first trip to the emergency room. Carter was bull riding on Daddy's back, fell off, and we thought he chipped his elbow. After several weeks in a air cast, he was better and right back to riding bulls and being your typical little boy.

Spring brings an all to familiar memory back to this family, fair time! In April we visited the Clay County Fair and Carter was just in awe of all the lights, animals, and let's not forget the mechanical bull! Granted he wasn't brave enough to get on him this year, I'm sure next year will be different!!! We also welcomed, what was then, sweet little Tater Porter (our dog), into our family. He and Carter became best of friends!!!

Then came May. It's become routine for Trav to pack up and head back to Canada for a bear hunt. Carter and I didn't make the trip this year, because.... they drove!!! Heaven knows I can't sit still in a car long enough to make it there by car. This sister is bound to fly! :) Travis' grandparents went along for this trip, and I'm sure there were memories made that Travis will forever hold dear in his heart. While he was away, Carter and I did what we do best... just hung out and did our thing! :) After Trav's return home we couldn't miss the Big Top Circus that came to town. We watched as they pulled the big top up, and visited with all the animals before the circus began. Carter enjoyed every minute of that day! He rode an elephant, a camel, enjoyed a snow cone, and lots and lots of popcorn!!! With May also came lots of warm weather. We headed down to the lake for some much needed relaxation and Carter enjoyed fishing with Travis & cousin Klynt. He most of all enjoyed the water though. I think the kid is part fish sometimes!!! :) We closed out May with a family trip to the beach for Memorial day. Of course Toot (that's my nickname for Carter sometimes), was in the water time we got there and wasn't really thrilled about leaving. Not really sure where he gets his love for the beach from, his Dad and I aren't really beachy people!

Hot, steamy June. Nana's out for the summer, so we spend a lot of days with her. This year was Carter's first trip to the movies. He was so excited as we walked to the theatre. His first movie, Kung Fu Panda. He ate a belly full of popcorn and sat still the entire time, it was a bit of a bitter sweet moment for me. The end of the month brought me something. My 28th birthday, woohoo! Nah, all kidding aside I'm glad that the Lord has blessed me with another year. Granted it's a lot closer to 30 then I'd like to be but that's okay. With age comes wisdom and heaven knows if I knew five years ago what I know now, there would be a few things I'd change. The biggest memory for me from this month would have to be that our little Carter started preschool. He started June 10, at Sonshine Christian Academy. He wasn't hesitant at all, walked right in and immediately started playing. What a joy to see my little one spread his wings. Nothing has changed since that day. He looks forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays so that he can go to school and "play with his friends!"

July 1, 2008!!!! What a day that will always be in my memory!! We had tried for several months for an addition to our family. When I woke that morning, there wasn't an ounce of patience within me. I had to test and see if by chance this was going to be our month. Within seconds the test turned the slightest of slight pinks. I of course took another to make sure I wasn't seeing things, again another light pink line!! Let's make sure this is for real, I took a digital test and within seconds it popped up with that word I'd been waiting MONTHS to see.... "PREGNANT!" I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to tell Travis. God had answered my prayers and once again, we are going to be parents!!! The month also brought independence day which we enjoyed camping with the Moody family. Carter still doesn't like fireworks. I'm not sure that he ever will! Late July we packed up and headed out to Panama City Beach to visit my sister. Carter LOVED the beach, loved the sand, the waves, the seashells but wasn't really fond of the jelly fish that stung him on the back.

August established the Soles Family on August 10. Amanda and Eric were married at Jekyll Island club hotel and it was a beautiful day, and she was a very beautiful bride. We wish them many years of happiness and joy! August will always be a special month to me for it is Toot's birthday!!! THREE, already?! Wow, where did my baby go? This year he wanted a bull rider birthday, go figure! Would you have expected anything less? :) We had his little western/bull party complete with bulls on his cake and a huge water slide so the kids could try and beat the heat. We also received a very wet hello from Tropical storm Faye. Rain drop after rain drop we watched the front and back yard turn to mush. Luckily we weren't flooded but several other homes just miles from us were. We were glad to see Faye pack up and leave!!

September, the end of summer. I love to see September come. To me, it's the time to start welcoming Fall although it is usually still 90 degrees! Our new home was well under way by this point, not much longer and we would be moving in. This month we were also able to get a sneak peek at the little one in my tummy!! The anticipation within me had grown beyond words and I couldn't wait for my OB office to do an ultrasound to tell us whether or not we were having a boy or girl. I scheduled with A Storks View, and found out at 15 weeks, that we would be welcoming another sweet boy to our mix!! I cried with joy!! After the appointment, the race was on to name this child. As if I didn't have weeks yet to figure that out, nope I wasn't having it. He would be named before the weekend was over, and he was. Tucker William would be his name!!!!

October. Fall is trying it's best to get underway but hey, this is Florida let's not forget! Carter had decided that for Halloween he would be Woody, from Toy Story. He also informed Travis & I that we would be Buzz lIght Year and Jessie. That didn't happen, but a kid can dream, right?! We visited my moms church for their Fall festival rather then trick or treating since the day after Halloween we would be moving. Our current house was in shambles and boxes lined all the walls, so we took a year off this year. Next year though, there will be a Halloween party at our home followed by trick or treating!!!!

November 1, 2008... again, another day that will forever be etched in my mind. We moved into our new home on Cow Bird Lane. Peacefulness, serenity, calmness. I love this place, have since the day we started building!! My mom asked me if I slept good the first night and I told her it was somewhat strange how "at home" I felt as I laid down that night. This is home, no doubt about it. Travis has his roots from childhood here, and I can't imagine any other place for our boys to grow up then here. Carter LOVES going to visit Granny & Papa and feeding the cows & roosters. This is our life, we love everything about it... well, except for that lovely stinging weed that I keep getting myself into! :)

It's the most wonderful time of the year, December!! As all the years that came before, this month was full of excitement, parties, shopping, wrapping, decorating, and most of all happiness and joy. Carter was really in to all the festivities of the month. He loved singing the Christmas carols, and adding his "must have" items to his Christmas list. Amazed me how early kids realize that they better inform mom and dad what to tell Santa! :) We enjoyed several Christmas parties and as always, if there was music... Carter was dancing! Christmas morning was a true blessing. As Carter entered the room, it took all I had not to cry. Will that ever change with me? I always fight back tears, LOL! He was so happy to open all his presents and even said "thank you" to Santa! We also broke the tradition of driving from house to house this year. We opted to stay home and it was one of our best decisions by far! So much so, that we have decided that every year will be celebrated here at home. We enjoyed having family over and the fellowship that we shared with each one of them. On the 28th of December we visited a Storks View once again for our 3D ultrasound for another sneak peek at little Tucker and to my surprise he looks just like his big brother!! We can't wait for him to arrive, only 70 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

Today closes this year. A year I look back on and see how truly blessed I am and how good God is to me each and every month. Yeah, there are down days, bumps in the road, and even some road blocks sometimes but through each day that passes He teaches me something new. This year I've learned to be more mindful of what I have and the blessings that are literally all around me. Whether it be the sun coming up over the trees, my sons laughter, the wind blowing across the field, or just the moo of a cow off in the distance. God is good, and if I will keep my eyes focused on Him and keep my faith in Him, each day will pass with a smile. For each and every thing I should be grateful unto Him!

I look forward to 2009. It holds another year of many firsts for me. I can't wait to welcome my sweet Tucker into this world. I dream about the joy he will bring to us. I look forward to watching my family grow and become stronger and more bonded. I pray that God will watch over each of us, keep us all safe, and bless us. May 2009 bring us all more peace then we have ever had. If you've made it this far in this super dee duper long blog... bless your heart. Now, let's see if you are up to watching the super dee duper long slideshow that follows!!! :)
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Many blessings and much happiness to you and your family in the New Year!!!!


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