Friday, December 26, 2008

Our first Christmas on Cow Bird Lane

We knew this Christmas was going to be extra special. Especially after seeing how excited our little man was getting throughout the month. From the lights, to Santa, to parties & presents, and don't forget the festive music, he was loving every aspect of this season. Watching the joy that filled his face as he took it all in, reminded me of my memories as a child. I used to think going to Orange Park shopping was so exciting. The car lights as we approached the big hill on Blanding Blvd. always reminded me of Christmas lights. All the cars, waiting inline to get to the desired store. Christmas music playing in the car & in the stores. Santa waving from his big chair in the mall, and waiting ever so patiently for our turn to sit on his lap. Then there is the memory of Christmas day. The memory of waking up to momma's home cooking, Christmas music playing softly, and my mother's joyful face. All of our presents placed under the tree with love, and the excitement between me, and my brother and sister.

Christmas is full of memories for me. I could go on, and on, and on. This year, things were a bit different. We've always started Christmas morning at home, then immediately after opening gifts the rush is on and we are out the door until late into the evening. After some discussion, Travis & I decided that this year we needed to change things up. We have a new home, a three year old, and we felt it best to stay home and enjoy our day with Carter. Carter was up around seven a.m. and as he walked out of our bedroom, he said, "What in the WORLD!?" It was the cutest thing ever. From there it was almost like he wasn't sure what to do next. As I've said before, watching him truly blesses my soul. He made his way to the tree and for a few minutes would only pull one gift at a time from under the tree. Then he realized, hey they aren't kidding... all this stuff is for me! :) He loved all his toys. Our living room now looks like a 300 acre farm, but hey as long as my boy is happy. We have every tractor imaginable, every pick up truck with matching trailer, and all the cows and horses a three year old could ever take care of! :) After opening gifts, we did our own little tradition of having breakfast together and then there was the slight bit of rush trying to get things in order for our guests. We did visit his grandparents here in Callahan, but then around 1:30 p.m. my family came to visit and enjoy Christmas lunch at our home. Everything went wonderfully! The food was superb, the fellowship between each of us was nice, and having my grandparents break the tradition that they've had for fifty years was something special as well.

There's just something about having friends and family in our home. Travis and I both love to have people over and share our home with them. Our goal on Thursday was to make everyone feel as welcomed and as at home as possible. I do believe that we accomplished that. We also accomplished change. Something that my family isn't very keen on sometimes, but it went well and so far all the ones I've talked to really enjoyed the day and I think it is safe to say, the Higginbothams have a new family tradition!

I sat back on several occasions on Thursday and just watched, and listened. I thanked God for my family, the love and support that is within such a small group of people. I was and still am so grateful for each one of them that shared the day with us. I pray that each of you had a Christmas as special and enjoyable as ours. I look forward to Christmas in our home next year, with all of our loved ones and our newest addition, Tucker. I am looking forward to 2009, and all that lies ahead. Happy Holidays to all! God bless!!!!

Enjoy the slideshow, just a brief little moment of our day!! :)


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