Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A peak back to a week ago...

A week ago?!  Did I really just type those words???? Seriously, why is it when you have something so precious, perfect, and something you don't want to miss a moment of it seems like time just flies by?  Just one of those things I suppose.  I can't believe that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, my little baby will already be a week old!

Bringing Tucker home has brought back so many special memories, and each time I cradle him in my arms and take in his sweetness I'm reminded of just how quickly the last three years of my life have flown by!!!  Babies grow quicker then anything I can think of.  They go from being itty bitty, to sitting up, crawling, walking, running quicker then you can blink your eyes it seems.  Already I can see changes in Tucker.  He's already started the sweet little noises when he nurses, and is starting to recognize voices or at least follow the noise.  

As I think about how quickly he's going to grow, I am forever grateful for the decision I made to have my friend Kari in the room to capture the day for me.  I never underestimated her once, and when I logged on a few minutes ago to find that she had posted some of the pictures to her blog, you all know what happened.  Tears started to flow.  This time, not sad tears, not nervous tears, but tears of sheer joy and appreciation for the moments she caught.  I read through her entry, then got to the pictures and my breath was taken away from me.  Some people asked me was I sure I wanted someone catching "those" moments on camera, and like I said it was something I thought twice about.  After photographing two births myself, I knew it was memories that I HAD TO HAVE!!!   

I'm sure all of you would love to see the pictures, so take a minute and check out Kari's Blog and take a peak.... I'm sure you'll all love them too!!!  :)

Thank you so very much once again for your time, your effort, and the priceless, precious memories you've given me.  I thank God for your talent!!  I will never be able to say thank you enough for the pictures, and I know in twenty years as I watch my children become parents themselves that I will look at those pictures and have you to thank once again!!  You did an amazing job.  I pray that God will bless you as your passion for photography continues to grow!!  I am so glad that our paths crossed, not even exactly sure how we met come to think about it :), but I'm so glad that God did let our paths cross.  Thank you again, and God bless!


Mrs. Bell said...

they are awesome arent they,, i seen them earlier today when i was at work and i had tears in my eyes to, and hes not even my little man,, so i can only imagine how you feel/felt to read and see those.. You will cherish those for a lifetime..

congrats again, (can i say that to many times lol)

hope you are enjoying the fudge rounds.. :)

Luv ya!! Brittany!

Kari said...

You know in the few days leading to Tucker's arrival.. Brad asked me that same question... how did you meet jennifer.. and well don't feel bad b/c i was like uh uh well i'm not quite sure. But God knew what he was doing!!

Love you.