Friday, March 13, 2009

He feels like the paparazzi is after him!!!

Sweet little Tucker, he is so patient with me.  Yesterday I decided since he and I were all alone while Carter was at school that it was his time to shine in front of the camera!  He was such a little trooper.  I had him at it for quite sometime.  Granted, we stopped for "accidents, fill ups, and snuggle time" he still did great.  

Just wanted to share some of the pictures with you all.  Hope you enjoy!

And let's not forget this cool kid!!!  Carter is doing very well as big brother.  He loves Tucker very much and is very protective over him.  He doesn't like for him to cry, he says it hurts his ears and that I should feed him.  As if I'm not feeding him all day anyways, LOL! :)  Travis snapped this picture the other day, and I just love it!!!!  Just like Dad!


The Clark Family said...

They are so cute! You have done well!

Kari said...

they are all amazing! what a precious little bundle of joy and a handsome big brother. :)