Friday, March 27, 2009

"...And they will be one flesh."

Genesis 2:24
24 Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh.

Marriage,  a beginning for two hearts to live as one.  A learning process for two people, sometimes a bit of a struggle but anything worth having is worth fighting for, right?

My sister, Jessica, was married on Friday morning.  She & Kyle have been an item for a while now, and on Friday the two became one.  I'm sure as they both prepared for the ceremony they had butterflies, and the normal jitters.  

The ceremony was held at Stockton Park in Jacksonville.  It was a very intimate wedding with approximately thirty guests or so.  Jessica planned everything so perfectly, and I must say the ceremony was beautiful and suited my sister & Kyle's personalities to a "t".  As I snapped pictures of the two of them throughout the day, I couldn't help but smile thinking back to the day I married Travis.  Those same butterflies and jitters, knowing I would soon be this mans wife!  The time came for the ceremony to begin and as my sister walked to meet her future husband I prayed that God would be the center of their marriage. 

These two have a close walk with the Lord, and I truly believe that as long as they continue to walk closely with Him, and seek His will for their lives and their marriage that they will grow old together.
The pastor spoke about how they should live as one.  That Kyle should love Jessica as Christ loved the church, and how Jessica should submit herself to her husband.  There is so much that makes a marriage work.  I truly believe that the two have to be best of friends, believe in each other, and respect each other.  Marriage is all about communication, honesty, and trust.  As these two begin their lives as one it is my prayer that they will always seek God's will, may they love each other more with each passing day, and may they always remember the reason(s) that they fell in love to begin with.  The days that come as difficult ones, are days to learn from.  End each day with I love you, and always remember that the other is there for you, not to be against you.  

Kyle & Jessica, 
I love you both very much.  I wish you the very best and pray God's many blessings on your marriage.  Kyle, welcome to our family.  We're a few cracked nuts from time to time, but we're good nuts! :)  Jessica, as always, you make me smile, and I'm proud to say I'm your sister. You were absolutely beautiful as you became Mrs. Kyle Hannah!!  Hope the two of you have a wonderful time on your honeymoon.  Make everyday a honeymoon! ;)  Laughter, and friendship is a great key to a great marriage!! Hope you enjoy your pictures, and we can't wait to see you soon!  I love you very much!  Take care, and God bless!

Blessings to you...

Jessica, this was the sun rising on Friday morning!  I know your love of sunsets and thought that this view from my kitchen window would be one you want to remember on such a special day in your life!  May God's blessings continue to pour over you.... I LOVE YOU! ...jen...


Laura said...

Everything looks so beautiful!! The bride, th groom, the cake!!

Your words regarding marriage are so true! May God richly bless them!

The Clark Family said...

Wow..Congrats to them! I know she deserves to be happy and she looks so beautiful! What great pictures Jennifer! You are really doing GREAT! I wish them the best!