Saturday, March 14, 2009

It takes someone special to be a Dad!!

Since welcoming our new addition, some things have changed quite a bit, others haven't changed at all.  Weird how the things I thought would change, haven't and the ones I could have cared less about have changed.  

As I've been tending to Tucker, I've taken a back seat to Carter's little world for a while.  This is okay though because to see the bond that he and his Daddy have is something that is so dear to my heart.  From the night we came home from the hospital it's almost like he has a new understanding of our life without us even explaining to him.  He understands that I'm busy and that Travis is his main "go to" person now.  

Watching these two truly does bless my heart.  I have to give Travis major kudos for doing such a magnificent job with Carter.  The night we came home was night two of a week long fever that Carter would run.  Travis took on the responsibility of being "Mr. Mom" with no questions asked.  I've been the one to get up with Carter since day one of his little life.  I've always figured that since I stay home, it's more my 'job'.  I'm so grateful and proud of how Travis has jumped right in and helped out.  I knew he would but to see him do it with such patience, is pretty amazing.  

Carter has always wanted to be Travis' shadow but he is literally his little three foot tall shadow now.  Today, I watched them out the window as Travis was building a new shade for the cows, and Carter hung right with him until it was time to come in for lunch.  Keep in mind now, Travis is out there on a tractor with six HUGE poles trying to get them set in the ground, while tending to a three year old on the tractor.  Dangerous, yes... but I trust him to take the utmost care of my little ones! :)  Not the first grumble, or harsh word has come from his mouth.  He's just taken little Carter under his wings and off they go.  

This is such a blessing to see a father that is so involved in the life of his children.  I have always known that Travis would be a good Daddy, but to watch him is far more precious to see then I ever dreamed.  A mother couldn't ask for more then to have a father that loves the life he has, and isn't ashamed to tell others how his children have changed his life.  

As I type this, I'm watching him outside mowing the lawn and Carter chasing him while driving his John Deere Gator.  Both are smiling, and they have no idea I'm watching and smiling too!!!

I love you Travis.  I thank you for everything that you do for us as a family.  You are my rock,my and my very best friend. I thank God every day for sending you into my life and allowing my children to have such an amazing role model for a Dad!!!  

Counting my blessings,


Mrs. Bell said...

so sweet,,, i cant wait for michael to experience that special bond... oh girl post that video the more who see it the better! :)

Kati Alison said...

Girl...that was so special...that is the first thing I said when we pulled up to your gate last weekend and seen Carter on Travis' heels...what a BOND those two guys have?!?! I can't wait for that, myself! I enjoyed our time..I'll give ya a better head's up.:) Love ya.