Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How does your garden grow?

I'm a little behind in posting, time seems to be a very valuable thing around here lately! :)  I couldn't dare imagine why.  Tucker, my good little sleeper...well, that is changing!  

Last week, Papa Cotton came over to the house with his tractor and plowed our garden.  I say, our, but really it's Travis & Carter's garden.  I kill any living plant that I even cut my eyes at!  So, if they plan on having a plentiful crop, I've been asked to step back and watch.  That's fine by me.  I don't really like to get dirty anyways!  Carter was so excited when Papa finished.  He thought that right then they would start planting.  Bless his heart he just couldn't understand that he had to go with Dad to buy the seeds first.  He & I had purchased some little packaged seeds at Wal-Mart the week prior and he thought that was going to be all.  

We met Travis after he finished working one evening last week.  As we pulled up to our local hardware store, Carter was so excited about getting his seeds.  He had his list in hand that he and his Daddy had made the night before.  We passed the packaged seeds and he thought those were what we were going to buy, but then we turned the aisle and he found a whole new world of seeds!  There was everything from corn, to okra, to burpless cucumbers.  Travis scooped up the seeds he wanted, and Carter made sure that Travis scooped up the watermelon seeds.  Heaven forbid we not get those watermelon seeds, the rest of the vegetables could have stayed in the buckets at the store for all Carter cared!  We made our way to the check out and once again, Carter made sure that our watermelon seeds were accounted for!

While the guys headed home to get started planting, I headed to Burger King to get Icee's for me & Carter.  When I made it home, Travis was planting, Carter was watching from the bed of the truck.  He said his Dad had it under control.  :)  We sipped down our Icee's and boy were they ever yummy!!  Travis said we were very helpful in the garden planting process!  Now it's just time to wait for some rain and watch our garden grow! 

Anyone interested in some vegetables?!

Waiting & watching...
"The BROWN thumb!"


The Reinolds said...

I love the last picture of Carter. Too cute, Jenn. :)

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Precious, just plain precious!!