Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm being stalked....

I'm sure if you visit my blog regularly you have noticed I've added a traffic feed on the right side. I added it just to see who was peeking in on us.  This one city continues to pop up day after day, hour after hour.  Seems to me that someone in Graceville, Florida is a tad bit obsessed with The Higginbothams and what's going on with us!  Being the detective that I can be sometimes, I've got to the bottom of this creepy case and figured out who the stalkers are.......

The Hannahs, a.k.a clowns! ;)  Let me explain, this lovely couple (better known to our family as Caca & Kyle, my sister & brother in law) live in a small town called Graceville.  From my understanding, not much goes on in this little town and when they have nothing better to do they stalk us!  

I'm totally joking by this post, it doesn't bother me one bit in the world that these two are always hanging around.  Sweet couple, great personalities, fun to be around, and well quite frankly... I miss them.  I wish they weren't in Graceville, better known to us as Grace-vegas, that's an inside joke between the three of us, but the Lord has called Kyle into the ministry and for now Graceville is there home.  Will the return "home" one day or will the Lord send them elsewhere?  I'm not really sure but I want them to know that everyone here loves them and misses them.

You may remember me posting about our adventure to the fair, well I did not give credit where credit is due.  I am here now to say a great big Thank You to Kyle & Caca for their baby sitting services as well.  They keep Carter very entertained and Kyle is quite the trooper when it comes to Carter time. Carter climbs all over him, beats on him, follows him saying "play with me Kyle, play with me!!!", and Kyle gladly jumps right to it.  At the fair, Carter was begging with anyone that would listen to ride the rides with him.  Kyle & Caca both stepped up to the plate, thanks guys!!  Carter loves his Caca & Kyle very much. When I picked him up from school yesterday I told him we were going out to Nana's.  His first question, "where's Jessica & Kyle momma?"  I told them they were in Graceville at their house, and he couldn't understand why they would not be at moms.  (((HE LOVES YOU GUYS!!)))

So Hannahs, when you read this know that Callahan is missing you & can't wait for your next visit!  It's soon to be beach time, and you both know how much C loves the beach!!!  :)  Have a wonderful day in Grace-vegas, be safe.... I LOVE YOU!


P.S.  See Kyle, you get mentioned... I've not forgot you, I'm just the mother of two small children working with only 1/3 of the brain cells I used to have :)  


Jessica said...

What, what! Check it out, Caca and Kyle getting some page space! :)

Jessica said...

Hey Jenn...I also stalk your blog. There, I said it, now you don't have to do much Nancy Drew work to find me.:) I love your photos and the way you express yourself makes the seemingly mundane sound so sweet and refreshing! Take care, Jessica (aka Molly's mom)