Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time for tagging

This evening was a new task for me.  Travis informed me that he may need my help with the gates while he was tagging the steers.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, I know nothing about this farm living.... I suppose everyone has to learn if this is going to be their life, huh?  With both little ones in tow, Tucker in his stroller, Carter asking a gazillion and one questions we headed off to "help" Daddy.  I was thinking, oh dear heaven please don't let me get trampled by a cow or open the wrong gate.  I am such a chicken.  I get so nervous about learning new things that I am completely clueless about.  Travis has so much cow/farm knowledge and me... not so much!  I know eventually I'm just going to have to jump in and be more helpful, but I was doing my part yesterday on the "wrong" side of the fence.  I was taking pictures, isn't that just as important as tagging a cow or making sure the right gate is open?  I think so, ha ha!!  I was hoping my dear husband wouldn't notice I never made it in to the coral, but I'm sure he's aware of my reasons for lagging behind.  

((Getting them all lined up)))

Travis led the cows towards the head shoot, as Carter and I watched from the outside of the fence.  One by one they lined up to await their turn, granted they had no clue that they were waiting there turn.  There only thought was to run down the lane and hope and pray the head shoot was open enough that they could squeeze through.  When one would get to the shoot, Travis would spray them down with some sort of spray to keep the flies off them, and then if the poor thing was lucky enough to be a steer, he was tagged with two lovely green earrings (tags).  I've never been around when cows were tagged so when the first one let out this eery moo, I just made a funny face and told Travis I wasn't sure he really enjoyed that.  He just gave me that look of... to bad! 

(((And he's tagged...)))

After tagging the first one, he led him off to where the steers would spend their days, and then it was time to get the next lucky one into position.  As I watched Travis go from gate to gate, then back to the head shoot, and getting them lined up I thought to myself holy moly this is a lot of work for one guy.  Maybe I should have helped out!  

So, I offered to make my way around.  On my way to the gate Travis just said, "never mind, by the time you get here I'll be done!"  Whew!!  I got out of it again.  There's probably not many of those days left, eventually he's going to throw me over the fence and right in to the mix of it all.  :)  Maybe I can hold out until Carter's a little bigger and just always watch from the side lines!!


(((She wasn't very happy about being in there)))

I might not be very much help, but Tater & Cowboy sure are.  Those yelping critters did nothing but run and bark the entire time.  Supervisor Carter sat on top of the mower and pouted for a minute or two when he thought that I was going in there with Travis.  When he realized I wasn't he perked back up and started giving his daddy advice on what he was doing.  "watch that cow daddy!"  It's too funny to sit back and watch Carter as he acts so grown and the way he talks truly cracks me up.  

(((The yelpers)))

One by one, he tagged and sprayed and our (well my) little friends were back to doing what they do best, eating.   The girls from the other field watched from afar.  I bet they were wondering if they were next!!!

Until next time...Jen


Kari said...

Next time you can help... I'll come take pictures :)

Kind of interesting, actually. I love reading about your farm life :)

Anonymous said...

I so could relate to this. I wrote about my own cow experience when I visited the farm my inlaws live on before marrying my husband. I was ... an experience!

And thanks for stopping by my blog!!!