Thursday, April 2, 2009

Music is in his soul

Even before I held Carter in my arms, I knew that the child had a thing for music.  I was probably about 20 weeks along in my pregnancy with him when we visited my sisters church for a musical they were having.  One of the songs was very fast and up beat and the entire time Carter bounced around and squirmed in my belly.  I couldn't help but sit there and laugh.  

Then when he started walking, the dancing also started.  The kid loves music, doesn't matter what kind either.  Christian, country, pop, he truly could care less.  So what kid that doesn't love music, wouldn't love one of America's top t.v. shows, American Idol?!  Every week when it comes on and we tell him at dinner that we'll be watching it, he gets the biggest smile and screeches, "American Idol is coming on, woo hoo!!!!"  It's rather comical.  

This week I decided to grab my camera and catch him in action!!  Enjoy!!

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