Sunday, April 26, 2009

Singing HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

My friend Kari just said that Summer is here, and I believe she is totally right.  The heat is coming and it won't be leaving us anytime soon, more like October!!  It's time for swimming pools, lemonade, trips to the lake, and anything else you can find to keep yourself cool during these hot months ahead.  I'm already sporting my tatoo flip flops.  Surely you know what I'm talking about, you know the ones you wear starting every Spring when it starts to get hot and you have a permanent impression of your shoes on your feet?!  Almost makes my feet look as if they are dirty all the time.  

My ugly feet, just had to share my flip flop tan... please ignore the feet, please!

Last week while I was doing some shopping I picked Carter up a pack of three water guns.  I didn't even show them to him until today.  My mom and grandparents came over for lunch and then we all visited outside on the porch.  The wind was blowing but I can guarantee you we were still pretty warm, especially sitting in the sun.  The shade wasn't so bad.  When our company started to leave, Carter did what he always does when company leaves and started to cry.  I quickly picked up the water guns and the crying was gone!  He ran outside to have Travis fill up his gun, and I prepared my moms weapon in the kitchen!!  As we expected as soon as she made her way out the door he was soaking her with all his might!  That was the beginning of the "fill my gun, Dad."  Thank goodness that Travis is a patient father, I'm sure he filled that gun fifteen times or more.  

Hey, that's not cool! 
Once our company was on there way down the drive, the fight was on between father and son!!  I sat back in hopes of not getting sprayed, who was I trying to kid?  I opted to grab my camera to use as an excuse to keep from getting wet.  I don't really know who was having more fun, Travis or Carter?!  They must have filled up their guns five times within five minutes. 

Always sticking that tongue out!!

Where was Tucker you might ask?  What is Tucker always doing if he's not eating????  You guessed it, he was snoozing in his swing.  He's living the good life right now! :)  

Watch out Dad...
Hope that all of you are enjoying your weekend, and staying cool!

They turned their guns on me, YIKES! :)


Lindsey said...

Love these! Cant wait to have my two guys aiming theirs at me! By the way I sport the flip fop tan myself! :)

Kari said...

always love the higginbotham water fights!

Jessica said...

Roo, I can't believe you went and put a picture of your jiffy feet on here! :O, lol, just kidding. We have the same feet kinda, so I really can't make fun of yours!