Thursday, April 2, 2009

You break it, we fix it.... Handy Manny

Am I the only one that this sign relates too???  We all know I'm not the most even tempered, calm person but come on... don't we all have "those" days?!  When my eyes catch this sign sometimes, it's a reminder to me that I need to slow down, and if things are really crazy and hectic, I just need to pray.

What would a clean the house day be without some sort of trouble?  Come on, you know what I'm talking about.  The days when you are in the zone, you are on a roll and someone enters in to track across your freshly (still wet) mopped floors, or puts their dirty clothes on the floor instead of the hamper, or the best... you're doing the mountains of laundry that have over taken your home only to find that the washer is only washing, not spinning or draining or any of those other lovely things it's supposed to do as a washer.  

Today was one of those days.  I decided to tackle those mountains of laundry and I really was on a roll, until I noticed that the second load just wasn't finishing as quickly as I thought it should. After some inspection, I found that it was stopping after the wash cycle and not going any further.  Let me just say, in a way this was music to my ears!!  I'm beyond ready to have a new washer and dryer but each time one of these things decides to try and kick the bucket my loving husband comes back in to save the day!!!

When Travis came home I told him that I had some bad news.  He just looked at me with those eyes of, 'I don't care about your bad news, I don't want to hear whatever it is you are about to tell me.'  I then smiled really big and told him that the washer had died.  We would have to make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase a new one.  Oh no!  He wasn't having it.  He would revive the old girl if it was the last thing he did.  I think he likes to see me almost come to tears knowing he can fix that old, rickety washer & dryer.  :)  At least I have a washer and dryer though, right?  I could be using a washboard and a clothes line!

As I sat on the couch doing what I do best these days, feeding Tucker, Travis headed off to the laundry room.  I heard him working and I crossed my fingers and silently said a prayer... "please God, don't let him be able to fix it!"  Then, here comes Handy Manny to the rescue.  For those of you that don't know who that is, it's a cartoon character on the Disney channel and Carter always pretends he is Handy Manny.  He loves to sing the song, "you break it, we fix it!" When he saw Travis working on the washer he ran into the living room and grabbed his tool box and off he went.  I just smiled because he was so excited to help his Dad.  

Believe it or not, they fixed it.  Today wasn't my day for a new washer.  I guess I'll just have to overload the old girl next week and hope for the best.  At least I have two of the best handy men in the county!! :)  But, for some reason... they aren't the tidiest men, I still find myself picking up after they save the day!! 

Thanks for the help fellas, I LOVE YOU! 
(((secretly crossing my fingers for a new washer and dryer soon!!!)))

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Kari said...

goodness... still no luck with a new washer!
Love the sign.. you know i have to know where that came from!