Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Growing, growing, growing!!!

Our first month as a family of four has come and gone.  It flew by, to say the least.  Each of us is adjusting quite nicely, well in all honesty Travis & I are still trying to learn (again) how to live with limited amounts of sleep.  :)  Carter is doing wonderful as big brother.  He loves his little brother so very much.  He is very caring, and somewhat motherly or should I say fatherly!! :)  We've not seen much in the way of jealousy, just the occasional hold me or "momma, will you rock me?"  You can only imagine how I answer that question, "SURE!"  

Little Tucker, huh is that an understatement! :)  Tucker is getting used to the routine of how things go here around the Higginbotham household.  Who are we kidding, he's running the show! Our first two weeks home, he slept wonderfully.  I had to pinch myself a few times when I'd wake up and he would still be sleeping.  I, as any mother who is in desperate need of sleep would do, climbed ever so quietly back into bed!!  Then.... those nights, stopped!  What happened, we were at a loss.  He was fussy, he would scream, nothing we did would calm him.  It happened each night between 9 & 12.  We finally came to the conclusion... C.O.L.I.C!!  Never truly diagnosed by a physician but come on it's not rocket science!!  Poor little guy was still having quite the pickle of a time with spitting up and gas.  I took him in today to have the pediatrician take a look.  We arrived at the appointment, did the routine weigh in & temp, and then waited patiently for the doctor.  As we waited, he kept me busy.   Two dirty diapers, and then started "that" fuss.  You know the one that says, hey ma, get it out I'm hungry!!  I tried to hold him off because I knew the doc would be in at any minute.  

Dr. Egan came in and her first words were, "WOW!  He's not missing a meal is he?"  I just had to chuckle as he was trying to suck my neck off!!  Everyone that has seen Tucker here recently has been shocked at how much he has grown in the last month.  Dr. Egan was as shocked as I was to read that the little guy (ha ha) weighed, 10lbs. 12oz!!!!!!  Yep, don't go back you read it correctly!!  10lbs. 12oz!!  I think it is safe to say he is a good eater.  Dr. Egan assured me that everything was going well with him and that his biggest problem aside from a touch of acid reflux, is that our little Tucker bear is a little piggy!!  She said that he is just over eating and then giving it back to me in a not so nice manner.  :)  After a prescription for Zantac, and some other advice from her we were off and on our way home.  It tickles me that he is such a little butterball.  Carter was always a healthy baby but not one that I would say was "chunky".  Sweet Tucker, now he's "chunky!!"  

We are so glad to have our little chunky monkey with us now.  He is a true blessing, even when he's throwing one of those true red head fits of his.  ;)  He has the sweetest little smile and is trying his best to coo.  Carter let's him know each day that he can help in the garden and he tells him of all the things he's going to teach him.  There is a bond there already!!  

Well, as all my fellas are already in bed, I think it would be wise on my part to follow close behind.  Hope all is well with each of you!!


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The Clark Family said...

Where are the pictures? I want to see some new ones! And let me know when is good but I would love to come visit sometime with the kids. I need to bring Tucker his present. I hope the meds work for didn't with Malachi but he finally outgrew it. Good luck!