Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Day 19...
This lovely flower is from my Granny's yard, not mine.  I have always loved this tree and each year it amazes me the hundreds of blooms it bares.  The branches of the tree become so heavy they just fall to the ground.  If I tried to grow a tree as beautiful as this one, I can't say it would probably survive.  I have such a brown, almost black thumb.

Granny asked Carter if he picked wild flowers and chased butterflies.  His response, "Big Granny, my momma doesn't grow flowers."  Come Spring I'm going to prove them all wrong!!! :)

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Benjamin and Darcy Davis said...

My grandmother had one of these same bushes in her front patio and it was my favorite one in the whole garden. I would pick several of the flowers right close to the bud and she would place them in a shallow saucer to postpone their life until I left to go back home. I have tried to grow one several times, but alas....like you, I can grow hay and corn but flowers are not my forte'! LOL