Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Day 12...
So I wasn't 100% sure where this little contraption was even hiding until yesterday.  If I told you where I found it, you'd never believe me so we'll just leave that part out. This is my hand dandy little Weight Watchers calculator. You enter the calories, the fat, and the fiber content of what you wish to eat and it calculates how many points that particular food will set you back.  That lovely "Points Value 3" that you see is the amount of points the Fudge Round I ate after dinner cost me. Three points in the grand scheme of the crazy day I've had is nothing. Plus, I was still within my points so why not treat myself to something I really enjoy. Is this treat what the Weight Watchers coach would have me to eat, nah, but she's not here and I needed the love.  :)  Really though, that's what I like about Weight Watchers. You eat what you enjoy, you keep yourself accountable by using the points system and checking in once a week and you really do see results.  I started the program last March, fell completely off the bandwagon and gained the 10 pounds that I lost right back.  So, 10 pounds heavier, here I am again. I've got to do this, for myself. Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?


Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

I bet it was a darn good Fudge Round, too! ;) And at least it was at the end of the night...and not for breakfast. :)

Susan said...

You know I'm crazy head-over-heels about WW and have done it on and off (between babies and such) for nearly 4 years. Go you! (For the record, Swiss Cake Rolls are 10x better than Fudge Rounds....just sayin)