Thursday, January 6, 2011


Day 6...

Nine months of waiting, anticipation, uncertainty, are all feelings that my friends Summer and Corey have been experiencing lately. Last night around 8:00 I received a calm but slightly anxious call from Summer. She was getting ready to head to the hospital.  The night was rainy and cold. The moments ticked by, the sky lightened and the sun peeked over the buildings the new day had come. It wouldn't be long until the little miracle they prayed for, waited for, dreamed of would soon be in their arms. Having the pleasure to photograph such a miraculous day, never gets old. Each time is a blessing regardless of how well I know the family. I cried as I watched this family of two turn into a family of three.  Tayden Jason stole the hearts of his mom and dad this morning. Their lives are forever changed, the hearts forever taken by this innocent, perfect child from God.

Summer and Corey, congratulations. There aren't enough words in this world tonight to describe the joy and amazement that you feel.  It's amazing how something so small, so helpless can make you realize the true meaning of love in a mere instant! It is my prayer that the Lord will watch over and bless your family as you begin this new journey. Cherish every moment with this precious child and know that God is in complete control of his life. It is my prayer that God will keep him safe, well, and may his life be filled with abundant blessings, love, and contentment.  Thank you again for the pleasure of capturing this day for you!  Blessings to you all....


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