Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ha, hee, achoo! ((& day 25 of 365))

There's been so much coughing, sneezing, sniffling in our house in the past four weeks I feel like I live in a doctors office. I truly do believe we have every cough, allergy, and fever medicine known to man. Tucker has been sick since the week of Christmas. Yesterday the doc diagnosed him with Bronchitis and an ear infection in his right ear. Carter has an upper respiratory infection and I have some kind of junk that I'm most likely making a visit to see the doc about either tomorrow or Thursday.  To top it all, Travis informs me last night that he's not feeling so hot.  My thought, let's just pack our bags head out for awhile and have our house decontaminated while we're gone. My tactics of killing germs is obviously not working.

Any mother can attest that I'm borderline about to go coo-coo-laroo! You know you've been there, don't try to be Super Woman. I can promise you, none of us are Super Woman!  This madness has to end soon. I blame it on cold weather, lack of hand washing, and all the germs of every other child that sits in the cart before us (or after us, we're too blame too), and the door handles we touch (after Mr. SoandSo or Mrs. Soandso didn't wash their hands).  I just dream of bright sunshine, warm weather, snot free days. Is that too much to ask?  I feel like I'm so behind with all the things I normally keep up. Laundry mounding, floors well, the floors look just horrific, the smell of Lysol and Clorox fill my home but I don't feel as if it's clean. The dust is two inches thick, and the playroom, oh sweet niblets, the playroom is a landfill.
If it sounds like I'm complaining, it's because I am. Remember that recent post about patience, and how the monkeys were driving me a bit coo-coo? Well, today I'm complaining because I'd love to hear that chaos instead of the moans of my helpless little 22 month old. Tucker's pitiful, Carter's pitiful, and I just want my babes to be better.  When I said I wanted calmness and quietness, I didn't mean in the form of sick, sick children. :(  Please Lord, make my babies better. Give them their spunk, the energy, their giggles back. I'll take the chaos over this sick mode any day.

Well, I'm wasting time sitting here. There are dishes soaking in bleach, floors awaiting their date with the mop, and bathrooms that are next inline for their daily dose of Clorox.  I hope I can update soon with my normal, "Chaos" posts.  It's where I'm most comfortable, GO FIGURE! ;)

Happy day my friends!


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