Monday, March 28, 2011

Food, it's his passion

Our little Tucker-bear, God bless his pea pickin' heart.  Maybe in this case I should say his peanut pickin' heart. If I didn't take pictures, seriously, no one would believe me when I tell them the things that this little child will do. I was doing something, obviously not watching Tucker, when I heard him making lots of racket in the kitchen.  I peeked my head in to see what he was doing only to discover him sitting on the floor.  Above his little red head was my utensil drawer pulled all the way out. His back was to me so I wasn't quite sure what he was working on.
When I discovered that he did not have anything sharp, I exited the room to get my camera.  This was good stuff!  Our little bottomless pit had helped himself to a can of peanuts in the pantry. Instead of bringing them to me, he went to the drawer where he knew the can opener is kept and low and behold he found it.  Sat his little self down and was bound and determined to get that can open.  Look at the picture below, sheer determination on his little face.
Momma always tells me, "God knew what you needed when He gave you sweet Tucker."  Ha!  She's exactly right.  I'm still learning that God wants me to just enjoy the very moment that I've been given. The messes will clean, the laundry will wait, but moments like this one are just that.... a moment, gone before we know it.  As I took his picture I asked myself, "aren't you glad you didn't miss this?" Looking back at the picture now, it makes me smile even bigger. He's so independent, yet he needs me so much.  He's determined and he's sneaky, but he's just what I needed!!
That sure was a yummy snack he chose that afternoon.

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