Monday, March 28, 2011

I can't believe I'm posting this.....

***I'm posting this for my friends Kari and Lindsey who said they didn't believe I had the type of mess that I was dealing with.  Girls.... these pictures are just minor.... it was MUCH worse than this!***

Before I start let me say, this is not how we live on a daily basis. I like things organized and neat and this post will make you think I'm lying through my teeth! This is the result of me getting a wild hair and deciding to de-clutter our home. It started with one small little closet, and rolled into a humungous task that ended up taking over a week.  From that small little hall closet of only five shelves, I headed to Carter's room where I cleaned out his closet, rearranged furniture and dusted from ceiling to floor. From there I went to the playroom.
Toys that were living at the bottom of the play baskets were donated to our church or local thrift store. The boys haven't missed one bit of it!  From the playroom I was off to the laundry room.  It's not a big room but when you are a pack rat like yours truly you can put a whole lot of junk into a teeny tiny place.  Again, I dusted from top to bottom, swept, mopped and rearranged.
For days there were laundry piles here, boxes of toddler clothes to sort over there, things that just needed a new home in our home or a one way trip to the thrift store... things were EVERYWHERE just needing to be placed in the correct holding box.  I will claim again, I am highly ashamed of this clutter hence the reason I am now clutter free! Friends, I unpacked boxes that were never opened from when we moved in November of 2008.  That alone makes me shutter.
The laundry room led me to the kitchen, from the kitchen I hit our room. Where this burst of energy came from, I haven't a clue. But I can promise you I'm very glad I stuck with it and have a 'clear' mind now. I new I had a lot of junk treasures but oh my stars, whew! there was more treasures then my treasure box could hold anymore.
It feels so good to accomplish this large task. Opening closets and seeing that they are organized is music to my ears.  To open the hall closet and still have room on the shelves for more items is huge!  I even talked T-rav into helping me clean out the shed. I went through every box and weeded out what we needed and what could go to the dump. There were several loads going to the dump!  Our shed is now organized, neat, and you can actually walk in it!  I am willing to say you could probably even drive the four-wheeler in there if we had too!

Again, I can not for the life of me believe I'm fixing to post this disaster for the world to see.  Oh well, at least you know it's not like that now.

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