Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Tucker!!

March 4, 2009, the time was 12:24 p.m. when my little bear took his first breath. His cry was as sweet as I could have imagined. The day is as vivid this very moment as it was two years ago.  Hmmm, two years ago. As I child it seemed like the years drug by like a snail. As a mother they're whipping by me like the wind of a tornado.
Our little Tucker-bear celebrated his second birthday with a small birthday party at our house.  We've had so much going on that we just kept everything simple.  Tucker didn't seem to mind, he thoroughly enjoyed his Elmo pull apart cake and all his new presents.
He's changed so much in the last year. His little chubby cheeks are thinned out, his vocabulary grows with each day that breaks. He's smart as can be!  He mimics anything and everything. He wants so bad to be able to keep up with Daddy and Bubba. His little legs scurry as fast as they can trying to keep up with the big guys. The sparkle in his eye is one that I can't explain.
His eyes shine with excitement and cheer. There's nothing better than rolling over in the mornings to that little hand on my shoulder, his messy red hair, and through his nippy he says, "momma, where bubba?!' Then he jumps up and takes off.
He's a bit timid at times but once you break the ice with him, he's quite the little love bug.  He climbs in my arms and wraps his little arms around my neck as tight as he can and gives me the sweetest hugs and kisses a momma could ask for.
I love to hear him say please and thank you.  To be only two, he has pretty good manners. I must say though my favorite is when I tell him to stop and he turns around and gives me the sweetest little smile, turns his head and says, "you top it!" then he just giggles.  It becomes a game between the two of us.  I often wonder how I'll keep up with him and his busy little self, but we seem to make it through each day with minor bumps and bruises.
Our family wouldn't be complete without this little fellow.  He brings lots of excitement, many, many laughs, and there's never a dull moment when little Tucker-bear is near.
I thank God for blessing us with him two years ago. May the years ahead bring many precious memories together.
My sweet little red head, I love you.  I love your spunk, I love your giggle.  I couldn't have asked for a more precious little guy.  You are full of life and you always know when I need a hug the most. I love our snuggles at night before you go to bed and the way you reach for my hand at night. I pray that God continues to bless your little life as you grow. You are the sunshine on my cloudy days.  Thank you for being you. Your smile warms my heart and I love you more today than I did yesterday and tomorrow I'll love you even more. Happy 2nd Birthday Monkey!
all my love today and forever.... Momma.

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Becky said...

Happy Birthday Tucker! You are truly blessed! I absolutely love the picture of him in the orange shirt, FRAME-ABLE!! Sweet sweet post.