Monday, March 28, 2011

Warmth, sunshine, and my babies

I love Spring, love, love, love it! I love that the boys can finally get outside and just play for hours. I love watching Carter's imagination run wild. Watching Tucker try to keep up with him and mimic every step... it's sheer joy. Why do I deserve this? What did God see in little old me, that deserves such sweet blessings each day that I open my eyes?
It's the days that are a bit hectic and loud that humble me. When my nerves are rocking and we escape the four walls of our home to the beautiful outside. All the chaos, tension and craziness of life seem to blow away in the peaceful breeze. The boys stop their bickering and the giggles begin to flow. I sit on the step and I watch them in complete amazement. Think about it, children are always in the moment. Always enjoying whatever it is they are doing (well unless, of course, they are in time out). Watching them is stress relief for me.
I'm glad that God stops me and whispers to me, "just let them be, let them be little."  As I watched Carter draw on the front porch with his chalk, I thought about how quickly he's turning into a 'boy'. The days of my little Carter are quickly becoming a memory.  Little Tucker who is growing quicker then it seems Carter did. Seconds, minutes, hours, each day... I must treasure it. I must make each one a memory I want to cherish forever.
Soon they'll be off and the sidewalk chalk will be no more.  The giggles as they chase each other will be the laughter of teenage boys.  Their tiny, chubby little hands will one day outgrow my own hand. The just because hugs, sloppy kisses from little T, these are just little memories of my babies.  Again, how did God choose me for these precious little guys?  Blessed far more than I deserve, thank you Lord!!!

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