Monday, March 28, 2011

Never wake a sleeping bear

We've all heard that before, never wake a sleeping bear.  Well same goes for our little bear. He's still a nap kind of guy and for that I'm so thankful.  It means that for two hours a day the house is clean while he's napping and Carter's at school. So if you'd like to see my house during that time, come between 11-2.  Somedays nap time doesn't always happen when it should and by 4:30/5:00 in the afternoon our little Tucker turns into quite the sassy pants.
I decided that a late nap would just have to do this day. He still wasn't feeling 100% and the only place he was content was either in my arms or in our bed. So we snuggled down for a minute and when he drifted off, I snuck out to do some stuff around the house.  An hour or so went by and it was getting closer to 5 and I just knew if I let this nap go on it would make for a very sleepless night, for both of us.
I headed into our room to wake him.  He did not wake up on the right side of the bed for sure. I don't even know if the other side would have been a good start either.  He cried, and cried and made the most pitiful faces.  Most mothers would have picked up there unhappy toddler. I'm not your typical mother though. I'm the momma that likes to stick her camera in the unhappy toddlers face and capture those pitiful, yet oh so very cute faces.
Carter and I were getting quite the kick out of making him wail.  I know, sick isn't it.  But you can't honestly tell me these pictures don't make you chuckle at some point.  We always joke that he's going to retaliate one day and when he does, we're all in big trouble!
I won't put it past him to shave my head when I'm sleeping or sneak under the table and tie my shoelaces together when I'm not paying attention.  He'll get me back, I don't doubt that one bit.  Oh, and Carter... he's in for it just as much as I am.  We better invest in some helmets and defense armor! Just look at Carter's face... tell me he wasn't enjoying every minute!!

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