Monday, March 28, 2011

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

It was a typical Saturday morning around our place.  The boys were playing, I was attempting to get my tail in gear and clean, do some laundry, and enjoy a cup of coffee. The weather was just perfect outside and where there's perfect weather in my neck of the woods that means my windows will be up and the breeze will be blowing through.  As I made my way into our bedroom and opened the blind on my side of the bed I looked out and thought I saw our dog laying in the sun.  I literally shook my head and rubbed my eyes because he looked awfully big.  After my second look I realized, it wasn't our dog. It was three, yes THREE pigs in our yard. We don't have pigs.  Hmmm... so I stood there for a minute and then in a uncertain voice I called for T-rav., "Babe... umm, can you come here. There's something in our yard." Of course Travis didn't jump to my calling, I had to walk to him in the kitchen where I looked at him with the strangest of strange looks and said, "Babe, I think there are some pigs in our yard."  He followed me to the room where he said, "those are hogs."
Well, I knew what they were, but why on heavens earth were they in my yard?!  And better yet, why on earth had our genius dog allowed them to hunker down for the night?  Those pigs had rooted up our yard and hung out for who knows how long that night.  Last year it was cows taking over our yard, plowing down our garden (if you missed that wonderful little post, travel back in time and read it here). This year, it's pigs/hogs... call 'em what you will. Once again, never a dull moment on good 'ole Cow Bird Lane.

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