Monday, March 28, 2011

Yet again...


This was becoming the story of our lives.  Antibiotic... antibiotic... more antibiotics.  Poor Tucker and I could not catch a break regardless of how hard we tried. If it wasn't him, it was me. We had sinus gunk that I've never dealt with before.  I seriously started to contemplate stock in Kleenex. I actually did ask the pediatrician if we were becoming regulars, her answer... yes, you are.  Nice. You never want to be known as a "regular" at your pediatricians office or your primary care.  Trust me, I've worked there... you don't want that label.

However, after four rounds for each of us (I think that's where we both ended up) we are both well.  Tuck had severe allergy, sinus, upper respiratory problems and I had a severe case of bronchitis that lingered for weeks/months.  Since November we've been sick. I am so grateful to say we are both well, no sneezing, no coughing and praise the Lord there are NO antibiotics in this house.  :)  HOORAY!!!!

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