Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Perfectly imperfect.

Ever wonder how God gets everything just right?  I look at my boys and each and every time I am amazed at how God made them. From their eyelashes to their sparkling eyes, to their ten little toes.  He formed each of us individually, perfect in our own special way. Sure we may have things about us that we would change but to God we're just perfect. He loves us for our imperfections. I like to think our imperfections are what make us better people, if we allow them too.



As most mothers do, I don't see anything wrong with my sweet boys. I'm sure as they grow older they'll find a thing or two they personally don't like but I love them just the way they are. I love to look into Carter's green eyes and Tucker has the pretties pink lips I've ever seen!  Thank you Lord for allowing me to be the mother of these perfect little blessings!

-Sam Keen

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