Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Merry Go Round, Swings, and cotton candy!

We love the fair. It's plain and simple. If there is a fair in town, you can guarantee that this bunch is going.  Carter is getting to the age now where he can ride just about all the rides.  This year he was perfectly content with riding the swings. No exaggeration, if he rode them once.... he rode them 15 times! Each time he giggled, and smiled from ear to ear.  Tucker was well entertained by the ride next to the swings. They were large plastic balls that you climb into and then roll across the water.  He watched in amazement.
The Clay County Fair has many, many memories in my mind. I remember each Spring, Momma would load us up and we'd make it an all day event. I was like Carter, give me the swings and I was good to go! I hope the memories we are making as a family are as special to my boys as my childhood memories are to me.

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