Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Boy now

His smile and giggle are a true indication of how sweet and wonderful Carter is.  His giggle is simply contagious and his smile is ever so sweet.
At Carter's last dental visit I mentioned that he had been complaining of pain with his bottom front tooth. The assistant told me she'd mention it to the dentist and let me know. When he came out from his cleaning the assistant informed me that he was having pain but it wasn't caused by a cavity. The culprit was... my baby would soon be losing that little baby tooth. I know, I know... I'm a crazy nut, but I seriously teared up at the thought of that little tooth falling out.  I managed to keep my composure in the office but deep down inside this little tooth was causing me much sadness.
For nothing would Carter wiggle that tooth to aid it's way out of his head. I was okay with it until he complained so much about it hurting and the new, big boy tooth was already breaking the skin behind this little tooth.  I finally explained to him that it had to go. That little tooth need him to help him get out.
Finally on April 6, 2011, I peeked in on him while he was watching cartoons in his room. I caught him wiggling that little tooth.  When I jumped up on the bed to see the flood gates opened. Poor guy was so terrified to take that little tooth out. For the life of me I couldn't understand how he could be so afraid.  Travis soon joined us and we both tried to explain that it wouldn't hurt.
He finally fessed up told us, "but it's going to bleed!" I laughed and told him that sure it was going to bleed but that wasn't so bad. I told him we could get a wash cloth and wet it to help with the bleeding. That's all it took. He jumped down out of that bed, and off to the bathroom he went.  He wiggled, he turned, he sniffled, complained a bit more and then all of a sudden I hear him say gasp, "Ooh, Momma!  It's out!"
He held that tooth between his tiny fingers and just stared. His eyes were huge!!  It did bleed a little bit but he was okay with it. He was too amazed that he had finally pulled that little fella out of there! There he stood with that now toothless smile.  Again, I need no one to remind me of what a mush I am, but I couldn't help but tear up.  We had moved on from the days of a paci (or a pipe, as he called it), diapers were long gone, sippy cups were tossed and the only thing that kept my baby a baby was no gone.  He was officially a big boy, doing big boy things.
As I look at his little smile now with that gap, I can't help but smile and remember the road to getting that little tooth out.  Now the one that once lived next door is loose and we're heading down the same path. Cart's thought is this, "it'll come out when it's good and ready momma.  I'll just wiggle it every once and awhile."  Oh how I love this sweet child.

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