Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rain, Rain... it's time to play!

Rainy days are begged for right now in our area.  It is so dry and dusty I almost feel like we live in the dessert.  We've had a few showers that lasted for just a few short minutes but nothing that's really kept us in doors for the day.
Several, and I do mean several weeks ago we had a nice day of clouds, rain, and indoor fun. While Carter was at school, Tucker managed to move every chair in our kitchen to just where he wanted them.  From there he lined up all his furry friends to watch morning toons with him. It was seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!
We picked up Carter and the gloom of the day continued to keep us in. Stir craziness set in really quick, as it does with most two and five year olds. Carter continued to complain of being bored and Tucker just wanted Carter to play.  So, I gave them a large tupperware bin and from there I went from having a boat in my living room to a pirate ship!
Oh the giggles that were made this gloomy afternoon. I often wonder if the boys will remember days like this when they are older.  Maybe by reading this it will spark their memory.  However, it will always warm my heart and soul.

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