Saturday, July 4, 2009

Four months

Amazing what a difference four short months can make?!?  
Today is not only the 4th, but it is Tucker bears 4 month birthday!!! Holy moly, my baby is 4 months old.  He is such a cute little ball of chub.  I can't tell you how squeezable he is, well actually you can probably tell by the pictures, LOL!  :)  Four months ago today, I was sitting in St. Vincents hospital staring at the little precious bundle, and now, he's blowing bubbles, cooing up a storm, and chewing on any and everything he can get to his mouth.  He's still a little stingy with his smiles sometimes, but when he does share one with us, oh boy is it ever worth it!! That big gummy grin, and those cheeks that just weigh him down, oh sweet niblets it's just precious. 

As I rock him to sleep at night, I already find myself wondering, where did the 4 months go. Where did my little tiny baby go?  Once again, the mother in me wants to go stop the hands of time and freeze these moments in time.  My babies, they're growing way to fast and I don't know exactly how to preserve each and every memory.  Each little sound that he makes, or the way Carter sounds when he sings or says a prayer.  I feel so forgetful some days, that I fret over will I really remember these little things that I hold so dear?  

I read a blog early today about a family that lost their daughter.  She was only 10.5 months old. The father talked about how he could remember the way she felt lying on his chest, he remembers her breathing.  All the things he wrote about are things I want to look back one day and remember.  I love to sit and watch and listen to Carter & Tucker breathe.  The peacefulness as they sleep is indescribable.  I want to remember the pudgy-ness of their little feet, the grip of their tiny hands holding mine.  The sweet baby sounds Tucker makes as he sits on my lap, or the way Carter says, "momma".

Whether my babies are 4 months old, or almost 4 years old, I just can't believe it.  I'm sure when they turn 16 & 18, and 21, I'll also be wondering where the time has gone.  It is sheer joy, and satisfaction to be a mother.   Watching your children grow is extremely bitter sweet.  If there was any such thing as a time machine, stopping time with my children would be the one thing I would want to be able to go back too!  

Sweet Tucker-bear, 
Oh how I love you little bear.  Your chubby cheeks, and toothless grin melt my heart.  Your little personality is starting to really shine through.  I am so grateful that God sent you to me. You've taught me so much in just the four months I've had you.  You've taught more about patience, and you've taught me that I can love more then one baby. :)  You are such a sweet little boy.  I know your days of exploring are soon to be upon us!  The good times are yet to come my little one.  Carter can't wait for you to start moving.  He already wants you to play 'Ice Truckers' with him, and ride in his JD Gator!! He loves you very, very much and so do me & Daddy.  I'll cherish these days, but look forward to what lies ahead.  I love you bear!!!  xoxo..momma

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Lindsey said...

WOW! Has it been 4 months already. I cant believe it...he is just precious. Love those chubby little cheeks!