Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where there are boys, there is dirt!!

Trying to keep things clean, organized, or under control around here lately has been almost next to impossible.  It's like I just don't know exactly how to manage it all.  There always seems to be dishes to wash, clothes piled up awaiting their turn to be folded, and the floors.  Bless the floors, they are so neglected.  I do try to sweep at least twice a day.  If I don't it's like we live on dirt floors, seriously and to think I wanted hardwood throughout the house.  Thank goodness we didn't go that route.  I do try to keep the hall bathrooms presentable so incase there was that one moment that we would have guests.  

Today, we had guests.  I made sure those bathrooms were cleaned before they arrived.  I felt, accomplished!!  All the beds were made, laundry was washed... not folded, but washed!  Floors were nicely swept, and vacuumed, and the bathrooms were in tip top shape!!  

This evening, I went to the laundry bath and when I walked in the door I immediately did a double take!!  The sink which is normally white, was black.  I mean BLACK!!  I had to just chuckle about it to myself.  We had been outside for a good while, and when little Carter came in his feet and hands were extremely dirty.  I heard him in that bathroom with the water running and figured he was just washing his hands as we've told him to do when he comes in from outside.  

Bless his little heart.  He opened the cabinet so that he could use the shelf as a step stool. Climbed in the sink, washed his feet (with Bath & Body Works soap I might add), and hands.  The towel was balled up on the floor, and the sink had been plugged so the water was thick and yucky.  Before I cleaned it, I had to snap a few shots.  How could I even remotely think about getting on to the little guy when all he was doing was trying to do as he had been told! :)  He truly blesses my soul, even through the little messes that are left for me to clean up.  One day the messes will be gone, and I'm sure I won't know what to do with myself!!

I went to the front door and asked, "Carter do you know what happened in the laundry bathroom sink?"  He replied, "Momma, I washed my feet!!!"  Precious, I tell you, it was just precious!! :)  Almost as precious as when he kissed me on Friday and leaned back, looked at my neck and giggled as he said, "oops, I think I got some snot on you mom!"

Love you Carter-bug and all your little messes, dirty feet, and sweet kisses!!!

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Lindsey said...

This one just made me smile.:) Gotta love little boys?? Is this what I have to look forward to? I hear ya about the hardwood..its every where in mine but the bedrooms, and there is tile everywhere else!