Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Puddle Jumper

Our past two days have had black clouds & rain.  The sun has peeped through occasionally but not enough to stay out for too long.  After a passing rain today, out came the sun!! :)  We went out for just a bit and this is what happened.......

Notice the clothes he is in.  He changed back in to his jammies after we came home from swim lessons.  He said it's what he wanted to wear to watch t.v. and take a nap!  The kid always keeps me on my toes! :)  He had so much fun in the puddles.  He even tried swimming in them.  He said, "Momma, it's a good day for swimming!!"  How funny is that???

After jumping puddles and digging his face in the mud, and yes... I was cringing!!!! it was time for a bath.  A tub full of bubbles and a little boy covered in mud and grass.  Now there's a combination you don't hear of often!  Check out his bath pictures!  Good thing that is the only tub that didn't get cleaned today! :)

This last picture melts me.  When I loaded it to the computer, I immediately stopped and just stared.  He looks so much older then three, and it really caught me off guard.  I love it though!!
We had so much fun puddle jumping, and then with all the bubbles, and to end it all ever so perfectly we filled our water guns and planned an attack on Travis!  We quietly tip toed to the kitchen where he was working on our dinner and the ambush took place!  He was taken down by his wife, and three year old.  Tucker was caught in the cross fire... oops!  He ended up with several water drops on his face and gave us a look of 'are you crazy?'!  To answer that... yep, we sure are son, welcome to the family!!! 

Mud & bubbles to all....


Mrs. Bell said...

lol,, popr poor trav,, i love all of you crazy people though!! he does look older there, but very handsome!

KB {kathryn brown photography} said...

LOVE it- those pictures are TIMELESS!!! What a great mommy!!!