Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wired Youth Camp

Youth camp, what a vivid memory this is to me.  I remember going on several youth trips when I was younger.  Some of which I remember just being more of a mini vacation, but then there were others where I know that I was truly hearing what God had in store for me.  I was not there by chance, God had intended for me to hear what was being preached.  I have watched many, many young people give the lives to God and I must say each time, wow!  thank you Lord!!!

I remember just a few weeks ago, sitting in church in Maxville and a young girl that I did not even know went before the church to make public her decision to live for Christ.  As I sat there, I could feel the tears welling up inside me.  I thought how wonderful it was that this young lady had made the greatest decision of her life.  Would it be an easy road?  No.  Would she still make wrong decisions?  Yes, but the greatest thing....regardless of how rough the road gets or if she makes the wrong decision, she's a child of a King and with that she can be forgiven.  God will be her rock, and even on the hardest days when she feels alone, He will be there.

There are so many young people, middle age people, and old people that have not surrendered their lives to Christ.  I have always felt so honored to have such a Godly Christian family.  My grandmother, and mother both very Godly women.  My brother and sister, both Christians.  My grandfather, a Christian, gave his life to Christ one Sunday when I left to go to youth camp. What a memorable youth camp that turned out to be.  I'll never forget sitting at dinner that night, with the youth group from Madison Street Baptist Church, when two of the leaders came to me and said they needed to talk to me.  They told me that my little grandpa had walked down the aisle that morning and gave his life to Christ!!!  I remember tears streaming down my face and feeling so grateful that one day we will be in Heaven together.  I 

I am grateful that my mother felt the need for me to be involved in church, youth activities and youth camps.  I have scriptures marked in my bible from different camps, and when I run across those scriptures, I'm reminded of that special time.  With it being summer, youth camps are in full swing.  My sister and her husband Kyle, who live in Graceville, are participating in Wired Youth Camp which starts today.  Jessica has always had a heart for mission work.  Mission work you ask... yes, mission work.  Missions aren't just in other countries, but they can be here in our own backyards.  Youth ministries are truly something special!  A true blessing to work with young people, and watch God work in their lives.   Being a pre-teen/teenager is not easy, we all know that.  What better way to face those years then to be around other Godly people.

Wired Youth Camp is a mission to reach the people of Dothan, Alabama.  Kyle & Jessica have been in training all last week and they are both very fired up and excited about what God has in store for them, and the people God leads them to this week.  I received an email from Jessica this morning and I wanted to share it here.  

I'm asking for others to join us in prayer for Wired Youth camp that will be held in Dothan, Alabama starting today through Friday. 
We have an incredible opportunity to reach the city of Dothan with the message of the Gospel. Wired began last year with 168 participants--and as a testimony to the Lord, this year there are 576 coming from 30 churches all across south Alabama (and one all the way from a church in Oakleaf Plantation out of Jacksonville)! The heart of Wired is that the local church come together and do missions and minister to the local area...rather than traveling hundreds of miles to do missions elsewhere. I know we all have busy lives; but if you even have one minute, please lift up this ministry event this week. You can have a part in what God does this week. God promises that His Word will not return void. If we are faithful, He is faithful. Each day our students will have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with somewhere between 2500-3000 people in the city of Dothan. Please pray for souls to be saved and lives to be forever changed. I believe in the power of the Lord and I pray for His presence to fall in a way none of us has ever seen, and for students to make a decision to live their lives fully committed to Him.  Scripture says that we do not receive because we do not ask. I'm asking and earnestly seeking for God to move in such a way that we will say "surely the hand of God has rained down on this place". May this not be just another youth camp. May it be the beginning of a movement! Thank you for your willingness to pray, may God bless each of you this week! Jessica Hannah

So friends, I ask of you to please keep Wired Youth Camp, Kyle & Jessica Hannah, and the many others that will be a part of the camp in your prayers.  Pray that God will move in a might way, and the area of Dothan will be set on fire for God!  I pray that it is an unforgettable week for them all, especially the ones that make decisions!!!!  


Kyle & Jessica.... my thoughts and prayers are with you!  I know how much this camp means to you both, and how much the youth ministry means to you.  I pray that God will open many doors for Wired Youth Camp.  I pray that lives will be won for Him, and that you both receive an amazing blessing.  I am so proud of you both!!  Prayers are with you, God bless, and have fun!  I love you!   ...Jen

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Jessica said...

Cannot say thank you enough, today there was a 82 year old man that gave his life to Christ! :) :) :)