Sunday, July 26, 2009

The thoughts of Carter

It's been days since I've posted... sorry!  This weekend Carter has said some of the funniest things. On Saturday we went to our little cousin Karlie's fourth birthday party.  It was a swim party, in their... pond!!!  Carter was so excited.  My cousins Michael & Steven built a big 'jump off' so that the kids (and themselves) could jump from the big oak tree with the rope swing into the pond. When we arrived that was the first thing Carter was looking at.  Travis & I both told him, "don't even think about it!"  He was going to try us each and every step of the way, that was for sure!! After about an hour of swimming, I went to my aunts house for Tucker to cool off.  When I came back about twenty minutes later, I was looking for Carter in the water, only to hear his little voice.... ABOVE ME!  You guessed it, there he was getting ready to jump!  I was so crazy nervous inside I felt like I was going to throw up!  He was climbing onto the rope with our cousin Jencie (who is only ten or so), and JUMP!  there they go.  My cousin Michael could see the fear in my eyes as he laughed.  He said, he's jumped several times, I knew you wouldn't let him that's why he did it while you were gone!!!  The thought process of men, LOL!!  Carter had a blast and the whole time he was swinging he was saying, "Mayday! Mayday!"  Too cute for words!!!

That evening as we got Carter & Tucker bathed, Carter put in that he was not wearing his pull up to bed, he was a big boy and he needed to wear big boy pants.  So, I couldn't say no.... he wore his "big boy pants" to bed and low and behold, no accident this morning!!  I'm so proud of him.  This evening as he gets settled down, he looks to Travis and says, "Dad... I don't need my night night, my bear, or my blanket anymore....because I'm a BIG boy now!"  As I sat in the rocking chair feeding Tucker, my heart melted.  Birthday number 4 is rapidly approaching and to hear my little bug say he's a big boy now... so extremely bitter sweet.  He's not my baby anymore, he is growing up into a big boy, and each day he proves that he is more independent and able to do things without me or needing the security of his baby days.  Sad that he's growing so fast, but so blessed that he is so strong, independent, and not afraid to face things on his own.  He's an amazing kid in every way, shape, and form.  

We were swinging on the front porch this evening and he says, "Dad... you married mom that one time didn't you dad?"  Travis, "Yes, Carter... I did."  "Dad, you married mom and I got in her tummy?"  Travis, "Yes, Carter.  What did you do in momma's tummy?"  "I was cooking in there Dad!"  Travis, "What were you cooking?"  "Sausage & biscuits!!!"  Seriously, could there be a better, sweeter, more innocent answer then that?  The things that come out of this child's mouth are always the cutest and can make you smile when you need it most.  We asked him what did Tucker do in my tummy and he said, "he cooked sausage & biscuits too!"

The days of his sweet thoughts and innocence, I know I'm going to miss these days!!  :) Until he outgrows it, I'm going to soak it up and love every second of it!

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