Thursday, July 23, 2009

The many names I go by

Children come up with the cutest things sometimes.  The other night I was cleaning the kitchen and Carter started calling me, "momma elephant".  Not sure where it came from, but it has stuck. Everything is momma elephant this, or momma elephant that, momma elephant I love you.  Cute as can be but do I have to be an elephant?  I mean I know I've gained some weight, but seriously... an elephant? :0

When Carter asks me a question I have to answer with 'baby elephant'.  Tucker is baby tucker elephant, Travis is daddy elephant.  We are just a family of elephants I suppose! :)  Regardless of whether I'm called Momma, Mom, Cupcake, Chopped liver (yes, he has called me that before), or Momma elephant, it's still great to just be Mom!! 

1 comment:

Sebrina said...

I am lovin the new back ground and as always the songs..I often steel a couple for so get some rest you pack of elephants :)