Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th...

Independence day, what a special day for us all.  A reminder of how truly blessed we are to live in a country where we can do as we please, for the most part.  Seriously, how often do we take for granted that we can worship how we please, speak as we please, and live where we choose to live? 

Several times today, I've thought of the men and women in middle east that are not celebrating with family.  Here we all are, enjoying burgers, bbq, watermelon, pools, lakes, creeks, the beach and they are defending our country.  Bless them.  I have to be completely honest, I've not always taken the time to stop on July 4th and truly thank God for the soldiers that fight for me to be free each and every day.  Today, I did.  Numerous times as I was enjoying my time with my family, I stopped and thanked God for each of them.  As I watched the few fireworks that Carter actually allowed us to see (because he was so terrified of the loud noise), I thought to myself that we, as Americans, really don't get it sometimes.  We don't get that our freedom really isn't so 'free'.  Men and women lose their lives for our country, that's not free their lives are precious but they did not allow that to stop them from defending our freedom.

So today I would like to say Thank You to each and every military person, past and present,  for defending our country.  For allowing me to have freedom and to live in such a blessed land.  

Now, a little about our 4th.  We spent the afternoon with my mom, just hanging out in the pool. Carter is a water-bug if I ever saw one.  The kid could honestly stay in a pool seven days a week I do believe.  I keep trying to talk Travis in to getting a pool.  My tactic is simple... Carter sleeps MUCH better after he's been swimming, so why wouldn't $20k worth of debt be a thought for a good years worth of sleep?!  Anyone with me on this one???? :)

After swimming in the pool, and enjoying some watermelon, we headed back home.  Carter is not a big fan of fireworks, so we opted to stay home.  We did buy some fireworks, though.  We bought the all time faves, you know the ones you remember as a kid.  We bought the snake, and the little army tanks, and the spinners, poppers, and dare we forget the sparklers?  Those are all the ones he didn't mind.  When he saw the larger ones, you know the ones that make the big pretty explosions, well that was another story.  He refused.  He cried, and he ran back inside to watch t.v.  He said that we could shoot them off if we wanted to but he'd watch from inside.  Bless his heart, I don't know why he's so iffy about them.  

So, Travis and I sat on the porch for a bit watching the few fireworks around us.  Around 9:45, Carter came to the door to let me know my show was on.  I had scheduled the t.v. to come on so we could watch the fireworks downtown.  Did I ever think I'd watch the 4th of July festivities on t.v.?  No, never in my wildest dreams.  But, you do what you have to do, right?  While all this was going on, Tucker-bear was in bed sleeping through it all.  He's not much of a party animal these days! :)  My 4th of July... peaceful.  Just the way I like it.  Not hectic, not too many people, but just enough people.  The ones I love and care most about!! 

Again, thank you to all the men & women that defend our country.  May God truly bless each of you!

Happy 4th of July!!!


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Lindsey said...

It is a truely great country! I am with ya on the pool though..Come on Travis just give in!:)