Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Remembering back to a year ago tonight, I remember the fear and excitement that filled my mind and heart. I was so nervous but it didn't matter. Everything that everyone told me would fall into place, did. Everything that I fretted over being right, really didn't matter after all. Carter is perfectly okay with having a  brother, so much so that he's now asking for a sister!

God is so very good to me. Tucker has been a blessing to our lives. There have been difficult days but each day a blessing. It feels a little strange to know that a year ago I was waddling around here making sure everything was just so. Our house last year at this very time was spotless, nothing was out of place. Ha, if you were here tonight you'd think a family of about 10 lived here! :)  Now, here I am a mother of two. Still waddling around but only because my back is killing me from lugging that 24 pound cutie around! He was easier to carry around last year!

Carter is so excited about Tucker's birthday tomorrow. Nana is going to come over and go with us to lunch and spend the day with me and the boys. Tomorrow night we have a mini birthday party planned for the birthday boy. Little Bear is lying ever so peacefully in his bed. I could watch him sleep for hours. I can't believe that a year has come and gone. He's my little sunshine, my heart, my joy!  Hope you'll all stay tuned for tomorrow's birthday post for Tucker-Bear!!

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