Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome Spring!!!

Oh how I've missed the warm days of Spring. Having my windows open, the breeze blowing through, and the grass. Winter seemed so long, I must admit I was starting to become a bit saddened by the dreary, cold days. When the fields are covered in dead, brown grass it really makes you long for the bright colors of spring and summer.
I've missed getting out and playing in the yard with the boys, feeding the cows, or just swinging on the porch. Luckily, Spring is here and we're enjoying every minute of it. Being Floridians our Spring will soon turn to our hot, hot summers but that's okay. The time change also has me in a more chipper mood. I love staying outside later thanks to Mr. Sun staying in the sky longer. The boys are sleeping better, and longer (thank you Jesus). I just love Spring. It reminds me that each day is a fresh new start.
With that fresh new start comes some new life to Cow Bird Lane. We have new calfs being born just about every day and that's just pure sweetness I can never get enough of.  Also, the grass is turning green, and we've started adding some color to the homestead. I bought some annuals to plant in these cute little water buckets that my mother in law gave me. They are old, antique watering pails. I just love them. They are heavy as all get out but they look perfect at my front door. Carter was so excited to help me. Granted as soon as he saw an empty bucket, he realized he could dig with he was gone and I was flying solo on my gardening adventure.  I'm hoping to do some more landscaping to spruce up the place. I don't have a green thumb at all. There's no shade of green in these two thumbs anywhere. I'm more in the brown/black department when it comes to thumbs.
Speaking of gardening, Travis has plowed up our garden. Now we just have to find time to go to the store to buy seed and really get it going. I really enjoyed the garden last year. Watching Carter check on it daily and find new vegetables was so much fun. This year I'm sure will be the same. Hoping that we don't get so much rain that it sets us back like it did last year.
This tree started out last May at 6" tall. It is now taller then I am.

I'm so glad that Spring has Sprung. There are sure to be lots of pictures of the boys playing outside, digging in the dirt, and all the other shannigans that go on around here. Hope you'll stop back by soon.


Ashley Stone said...

great pics! I really need to plant some flowers, my yard looks so pathetic! It's cold here today I'm staying indoors. ; )

Lance and Cindy said...

It looks you have a lovely home in the country! And those watering pails are so cute. thanks for sharing your glimpse of spring with us!

Sarah said...

The tree is beautiful!!! Wow. And new calfs everyday? So exciting!