Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time to change a few things

The big 3-0 is creeping up on me. I'm not really concerned about turning 30, but I'd like to make a few changes. I decided yesterday to go darker with my hair, and put some streaks in it. I have also decided that I'm going to do Weight Watchers. I'm not a gym kind of girl, and I don't like diets that only allow me to eat 'their' food.  I am a snacker, a junk food lover, and oh my stars if they did away with fast food or drive thrus' I'd probably cry my eyes out. I love McDonald's. I love french fries, I love Coke, but these things are not going to help my waist that looks more like an tire!

I have about 20-22 pounds that I'd like to lose.  I'd be content with 20, really happy with 22, and ecstatic if I lost 25. I look at pictures of myself and I just shake my head. It's my fault, so it's time that I make the change. I don't really know why I've decided to blog about this, maybe for more accountability who knows.  The weight watchers meetings are on Monday evenings, so maybe I'll do Monday check ins with you all.

Let's just pray I can stay away from the cookies, cakes, and other goodies that line my pantry!  How much willpower can I really put forward????  That my friends is the question. Oh, and of all weeks to start a new weight loss adventure I pick Tucker's first birthday week. Seriously, stress more then normal and I choose this week to count points?! I'm nuts, it's official.

This picture has nothing to do with the post... well maybe the chubby cheeks (and I say Tucker looks nothing like me, yeah right)and that extra chin, but I like it anyways the picture that is, not the chin!!!!


Chris Reinolds said...

I just wanted to say I LOVE the pic of you and Travis. So sweet. And, that look on his face transferred straight to Tucker!! Chip off the ole block.

Lindsey said...

LOL..I blogged about this too! :) I even gave you alittle shout out in mine.. <3