Monday, October 20, 2008

101 in 1001....

So, I came across this idea on the internet the other day and to say it started my little mind to swirling is an understatement. The purpose of it is to list 101 things you'd like to complete in 1001 days. Will I complete them all? Who knows. Would I like too? Most certainly! I thought it would take me days to list my 101 things, but it didn't. It took me all of about 35 minutes to be exact. Here is my list. As I complete them I'll add stars beside the goal so that if you are interested in seeing how far I get, you'll be able to see. :) I created my list on October 15, 2008. 1001 days from now will be July 13,! That seems forever away but it'll be here before I know it. I hope to star a lot of these, wish me luck!

1. Take a family photo with my grandparents
2. Lunch with my Granny
3. Lunch at my house once a month
4. Play outside with Carter every evening
5. Dinner & Movie with my brother & sister
6. Dinner with my Dad once a month.
7. Family movie & pizza night once a month... Carter's choice of movie!

8. Lose baby weight plus 12lbs
9. Walk 2 times per week
10. Drink 5 glasses water per day
11. Floss 3 times a week
12. Watch sugar intake after pregnancy

13. Go to Grand Ol Opry
14. Visit up North during the Fall for our anniversary
15. Canada in Spring with Carter & Tucker
16. Go snow skiing with 2 other couples
17. Mediterranean Cruise
18. Go to NYC with girlfriends

19. Find a church home.
20. Do a daily devotion
21. Donate to a mission
22. Volunteer with church functions
23. Make a prayer journal

24. Cook 3 times per week @ home
25. Learn to make homemade biscuits
26. Make Thanksgiving dinner
27. Make Christmas dinner
28. Try new recipe once a week
29. Try one new food
30. Plan meals for 2 weeks in advance

31. Buy a new outfit once a month
32. Buy new shoes other then flip flops
33. Massage 3 times a year
34. Movie/Pajama day every other month

35. Breakfast together twice a week
36. Go hunting with Travis (even if it's freezing outside)
37. Go away for our 6 year anniversary
38. Dinner one night a week without kiddos
39. Leave a message or note once a week, saying I love you!
40. Have pictures of just us made
41. Give Travis a 30th birthday party
42. Make time for a hug & kiss each day

43. Blog 4 times a week
44. Find two new favorite blogs
45. Comment on blogs I follow
46. Blog my 101 in 1001 *****

47. Smile at strangers as I pass them
48. Buy for a needy child or family @ Christmas
49. Clean Granny's house
50. Babysit for a friend and her husband to go out to dinner
51. Donate to Children's Miracle Network

52. Read to Carter once a day
53. Finger paint
54. Write each child a letter on their birthdays
55 Do camp out with Carter before Tucker arrives
56. Take Carter to the see Madagascar II
57. Make blanket for Tucker
58. Go to Disney
59. Do hand prints (keepsake)
60. Go to the zoo every other month

61. Buy new lens
62. Upgrade camera
63. Photograph Tucker & frame
64. Transfer files from computer once a month
65. Attend Bellies & Babies conference
66. 2nd shoot with Dayna at weddings
67. Post more of the pictures I take
68. Learn more about Photoshop
69. Find old family photos, copy, and frame
70. Photograph Carter helping Papa Cotton & Travis with the cows
71. Print pictures
72. Complete Carter's scrapbook

73. Decorate one room at a time
74. Laundry on Monday & Thursday
75. Have house tidy before leaving home
76. Landscape
77. Buy rockers for the front porch
78. Buy swing for the front porch
79. Buy ferns (6)
80. Hang recent photos

81. Girls weekend each Summer or Fall
82. Girls or couples cruise in 2010
83. Shopping day every other month
84. Dinner at our place every 3 months
85. Send cards to two friends each month, just to encourage

86. Host a themed party
87. Go 4wheeler riding with the "old" crew
88. Go bowling with friends
89. Go to Mule Days with Pam
90. Decorate the house for each season

91. Make bench out of Travis' old bed
92. Learn to crochet
93. Make 20 home made Christmas cards
94. Make a new centerpiece for kitchen table (Seasonal)
95. Make window frame with wreath using Granny's window from old house
96. Make Carter & Tucker's Halloween costumes

97. Create will
98. Have a sketch of our house made and frame
99. Find an antique church pew
100. Have a yard sale
101. Keep computer/office area organized

Check back to see how I'm doing. Take care & God bless!



Clark Family said...

Jennifer~What a great idea. I think I might have to do this too! There is so much I would love to do maybe this will help! Thanks for the encouragement!

Kari said...

What a great idea. you go girl!!